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REMIXES & COLLABORATIONS - Free EP OUT NOW - Music : The Unknown Stuntman - Free music
Home Music Discography Blog Stunt FM Contact 10 June 2012 REMIXES & COLLABORATIONS - Free EP OUT NOW <a href="" _mce_href="">Remixes & Collaborations by The Unknown Stuntman</a> Well hello again. Things have been pretty dreadful over here at Casa Stuntman but that's no excuse - so I've put together a...
BBC - Jonathan Overend: Nalbandian's double fault at Queen's
As they say in football or rugby, he simply had to go. He didn't mean it and admitted his mistake - an instinctive action of fury and frustration - but the vicious assault on the advertising hoarding and the inevitable impact on the line judge, who was struck on the leg at point blank range, was indefensible.
Greece will have to leave EMU whoever is elected - Telegraph
Europe's depression is spreading, the result of a triple-barrelled fiscal, monetary, and regulatory shock - the worst policy errors since 1931. All key measures of the eurozone money supply are contracting, in breach of the ECB's "twin pillar" mandate. This is what is killing southern Europe.
Paying for information versus *access* to information: A key distinction for news publishers
You can't find the right answer if you're asking the wrong question. If you (or your bosses) aren't finding a solution for making money from news online, maybe you need to ask yourself some fresh questions about the real nature of your business.
My favourite football shirt - Jonathan Wilson
We spoke to the blizzard's Jonathan Wilson about classic counter attacks and simple football shirts. 1. What was your first ever football shirt? It was that hideous Coq Sportif Sunderland shirt. White with two red pin-stripes on each side. Really dreadful shirt, but when you're a kid and a Sunderland fan you do not really have much option.
London's best kept cinematic secret - Telegraph
Film fans arrive dressed in one of nine 'specialised professions' from Data Scientist to Matter Analyst and whisked off to missions within a sprawling warehouse. Even before the main event, audience members were asked to sign up to a fictitious company called Brave New Ventures and take part in missions across London.
Q&A: Sally Phillips
'My most treasured possession? My children have destroyed pretty much everything I liked'
Cal Crutchlow suffered an injury on the eve of the MotoGP British Grand Prix at Silverstone for the second year running, spraining an ankle in a crash during practice. The home favourite fell heavily after losing control of his Yamaha at high speed on turn 13 in cold and wet conditions, and missed the afternoon qualifying session in which Alvaro Bautista claimed pole.
Fatherhood has been much on Stephen Mangan's mind lately. Partly it's as a result of rehearsals for a new play in which he dons a latex pregnancy suit and has to feign going into labour.
Capital Celluloid: Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 169: Sun June 17
Shadows (Cassavetes, 1959): Genesis Cinema, 3.30pm Chicago Reader review: 'John Cassavetes's first feature (1959), shot in 16-millimeter, centers on three siblings living together in Manhattan; the oldest, a third-rate nightclub singer (Hugh Hurd), is visibly black, while the other two (Ben Carruthers and Lelia Goldoni) are sufficiently light skinned to pass for white.
Greek elections: Greece returns to the polls - live coverage
Welcome to live coverage of election day in Greece. The Greek people are going to the polls in the midst of austerity measures, demanded by the IMF and eurozone in return for bailing out the economy, that have exacted a heavy toll on the country, already the poorest in the eurozone.
Subsidies for onshore wind farms 'to be axed by 2020' - Telegraph
Within weeks, Ed Davey, the Lib Dem Energy Secretary, will announce details of subsidies for renewable energy covering the period 2013-2017, following a consultation on whether they should be cut by more than the 10 per cent reductions already planned.
Obama relaxes deportation rules - reader reactions
Ruth Spencer: Readers weigh in on the president's executive order to cease deportations of undocumented migrants under 30
S095 Doomsday Handbook | Cheltenham Festivals
Will the world end in a hail of asteroids or will we get sucked into a rogue black hole? Perhaps humans will be wiped out by a nasty virus or a super-intelligent computer that we ourselves created! What if we came across a strangelet, the most frightening subatomic particle in the universe?
David Hepworth's Blog: Why bands will never again change their names
In 1966 something happened in pop music that hadn't happened before, hasn't happened since and probably won't happen again in the future. Lots of groups changed their names. They did it more or less simultaneously.
Hellraiser Review. Movie Reviews - Film
Read the latest review of Hellraiser. Discover thousands of the best film reviews from Time Out London
Sky City: China plans world's tallest building
It took Dubai more than five years to build the 828-meter Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building (for the moment, anyway). But Chinese architects and engineers reckon they need a mere 90 days to leave the Emiratis in the dust. At least, that's what they've claimed.
Euro 2012: Erik Hamren relies on 'good energy' to sap England resolve
In the buildup to Euro 2012 Sweden's manager Erik Hamren said he would be insisting his players sit talking at breakfast for at least half an hour in order to generate "positive energy". No doubt this seemed like a good idea at the time.
'Forest boy Ray' identified as Dutch - The Local
The forest boy known previously as 'Ray' has been identified as Robin v. H. from the Dutch town of Hengelo, Dutch police confirmed Friday morning. "We are 100 percent certain that he is this 20-year-old boy, because his step-mother positively identified him," a police spokeswoman told Die Welt newspaper.
Capital Celluloid: Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 167: Fri June 15
The Apartment (Wilder, 1960): BFI Southbank, NFT3, 2pm, 6pm & 8.30pm The re-released Billy Wilder classic is on an extended run at BFI Southbank till June 28. Detailshere.