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Eurozone crisis live: Greece awaits bailout funds after passing 2013 budget
Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the eurozone crisis - and other key events across the world economy. Greece has moved another step closer to receiving the next slice of its bailout package, after its parliament approved the 2013 budget in a crucial vote late last night.
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FE Investegate |Pearson PLC Announcements | Pearson PLC: Re Joint Venture
PEARSON AND BERTELSMANN AGREE CONSUMER PUBLISHING PARTNERSHIP: PENGUIN AND RANDOM HOUSE TO COMBINE, CREATING THE WORLD'S LEADING TRADE PUBLISHER Pearson and Bertelsmann today announce an agreement to create the world's leading consumer publishing organisation by combining Penguin and Random House. The combination brings together two of the world's leading English language publishers, with highly complementary skills and strengths.
Eurozone crisis live: Greek government meets to agree cuts package
Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the eurozone financial crisis, and other key events in the world economy. Attention is focused on Greece today, where the leaders of the three parties in its coalition government are meeting today in an attempt to finalise the details of its €13.5bn austerity package.
Eurozone crisis: EU summit day two - live
Leaders return to the negotiating table today after a marathon session that dragged into the early hours of the morning, and which saw a compromise deal on banking supervision
FE Investegate |BAE SYSTEMS PLC Announcements | BAE SYSTEMS PLC: Merger Update
Eurozone crisis live: Austerity protests growing ahead of latest jobless data
Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the eurozone financial crisis, and other key events in the world economy. It's a nervous start to the new month, after thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris yesterday. Their target: Europe's new fiscal pact, and the austerity measures being imposed on struggling countries across the eurozone.
Eurozone crisis live: General strike in Greece against austerity programme
Autumn of unrest gets under way in Greece today, hours after riot police fired rubber bullets at protesters in Spain
Eurozone crisis live: Economic slowdown prompts Japan to act
Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of Europe's financial crisis, and other key events in the global economy. Overnight, the big news comes from Japan, whose central bank became the latest to launch a new stimulus package in the face of the global slowdown.
Ernest Borgnine obituary
With his coarsely podgy features, bug eyes, gap-toothed grin and stocky build, Ernest Borgnine, who has died aged 95 of renal failure, seemed destined to remain one of nature's supporting actors in a string of sadistic and menacing parts. Instead he won an Oscar for a role which was the antithesis of all his previous characters.
Afghan women's rights on the brink - Blog - The F-Word
Over ten years since we first entered Afghanistan, it remains true that it is one of the worst places to be a woman. 87% of women in Afghanistan experience some form of domestic violence and women are more fearful of sexual assault than of abduction, kidnapping or being caught in an explosion - combined.
Film review: Margaret
Rewatching Kenneth Lonergan's debut You Can Count on Me (2000) in the wake of his second feature Margaret, what's immediately striking is how similar they are. Both feature Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Broderick, Lonergan's wife J.
How to switch bank accounts
Everything you need to know about changing your bank or building society account to a new provider IT meltdowns and interest rate scandals may mean an end to the old statistic about being more likely to divorce than switch current accounts.
Definition of bankered | New Word Suggestion | Collins Dictionary
Additional Information Verb. "For true accuracy, it should only come in the passive voice. We could call it: to be bankered. "What happened to the British in the early 21st century?", a future historian will ask. "Poor sods," her colleague might reply. "I'm afraid they got totally bankered".
Lord Ashcroft: What does and doesn't matter most to voters about the Libor scandal
The following conversation was overheard yesterday on the tube. A man in his twenties was flicking through the Metro. His friend, also in his twenties, glanced over at the front page and said, "That's Bob Diamond!" "Who?" asked Man A. "The Barclays chief executive. You know." Man A frowned at the paper.
Spectacularly Preserved Fossil Suggests Most Dinosaurs Were Feathered
The discovery of a fantastically preserved, bushy-tailed fossil theropod has cloaked the dinosaur world in feathers. Other feathered dinosaurs have been found before, but none so close to the trunk of their evolutionary tree.