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B.C. Premier Christy Clark's about-face on science learning
It wasn't that long ago that B.C. Premier Christy Clark seemed to be science's biggest advocate. At a splashy media event held at Science World to unveil new renovations last November, Ms. Clark talked about how important the facility was to growing interest in the subject among young people.
Cartoonist says Enbridge spoof pulled under pressure - British Columbia - CBC News
Posted: Jun 26, 2012 7:23 PM PT A veteran B.C. political cartoonist says his newspaper has backed down in a fight with one of Canada's largest energy companies over a spoof of an advertisement. Dan Murphy, of the Vancouver Province, created an animated parody targeting Enbridge Inc.
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Can Egypt's Economy Turn the Corner?
As Egyptians prepare to vote in the upcoming final round of presidential balloting on June 16 and 17, pictures of yet more protests in Tahrir Square are doing little to reassure foreign investors and other observers about the future of Egypt. Bond markets are betting that the Egyptian revolution will end in tears.
Egypt's So-Called Transition Canceled
Egyptian politics is prone to exaggeration and panic, fueled by deeply felt frustration, endless political maneuvering, partial information spread through dense and contentious new media, and profound political uncertainty. Things are often not as desperate as they appear.
Debt is becoming the zombie myth of the euro crisis
In a speech on Monday in Montreal, Prime Minister Stephen Harper put government debt at the forefront of the crisis in Europe: More Related to this Story "...[T]he international markets have reacted, of course, by increasing borrowing costs significantly for some of the countries with the highest debt loads."
Tortoise Couple 'Divorces' After 115 Years : Discovery News
After 115 years of partnership, two tortoises from the Reptilien Zoo Happ in Austria can no longer stand each other and are now living in separate enclosures, according to an Austrian Times report. The fallout between the two tortoises, Bibi and Poldi, ends what was the world's oldest known animal "marriage."
Anders Behring Breivik is lying, not delusional - Telegraph
"I think it is to make it seem more large and meaningful," Mr Johannesen tells the court. "He wants to recruit people into a network, and it is not easy if he is alone. So it helps to create fear, and he wants those he sees as enemies to live in fear."
Tory MP wants Baird to consider yanking Canada out of UN
A Conservative backbencher wants Canada to be the first country in the world to leave the United Nations. More Related to this Story Larry Miller, the MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, says he's upset the UN Committee Against Torture "voiced displeasure" with the Harper government's refugee-reform bill, and sent a rapporteur on food security to Canada.
Sir? Have you paid for that Funky Chicken?
Your funky wedding (and musical garage sale) just got a little more expensive. The Copyright Board of Canada has, for the first time, decided to charge fees to anyone who uses recorded music as part of a public event.
Ottawa Notebook - The Globe and Mail
Ottawa police are probing the gruesome discovery of two human body parts mailed via Canada Post - one of them a severed foot delivered to the headquarters of the governing Conservative Party. The capital's police force announced late Tuesday night that they had intercepted a second suspicious package containing another human body part.
How The Internet Learned To Love Hillary Clinton
Day in and day out, Hillary Clinton is winning the Internet.The former First Lady and Senator and current Secretary of State has undergone a dramatic public transformation over the past year, one driven in part by her strong handling of a generally popular job, and in part by an unpredictable factor: The Internet has finally fallen in love with her.Howard Dean was the hero of the rowdy, anti-war blogs in 2004.
Our Fractured Story | Ideas with Paul Kennedy | CBC Radio
Digital culture has transformed the way society understands itself. Information comes to us unfiltered, without mediation. Digital memory is forever. All versions of a story are equal. Vancouver journalist Greg Buium explores what happens to knowledge in a digital age. As a principal researcher at Microsoft, Gordon Bell was paid to record everything in his life.
Texts from Hillary
It's been an overwhelming-and hilarious-week for us here at Texts from Hillary (TFH). What started as a joke at the bar between two friends turned into a national conversation about Secretary Clinton and went as far as talks about 2016.
Gallery: Sports cartoons from Bob Krieger
Winning plays from our editorial cartoonist -- just the way he drew 'em up on paper.
The Hindu : Columns / Sainath : The austerity of the affluent
A rural Indian spending Rs. 22.50 a day would not be considered poor by a Planning Commission whose Deputy Chairman's foreign trips between May and October last year cost a daily average of Rs. 2.02 lakh Pranab Mukherjee's stirring call for austerity tugs at the national tear ducts.
Not for your eyes at all - Hindustan Times
'Our nation is evidently at a crossroads today, with grave misgivings on continuing with business as usual.' That sharp statement does not come from left- or right-wing protestors who want India's government to step down. You will find it in a 325-page scientific study commissioned by the government, titled 'Report of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel'.
What's your caste? - Indian Express
The answer could determine whether you will be caught for corruption I was surprised that for a Rs 1 lakh bribe, former BJP president Bangaru Laxman was sentenced to the maximum punishment. The judge made a ringing speech. It was as if with this one punishment, corruption itself would be brought to an end.
Arts - The Globe and Mail
When he was a young boy in Germany, Fred Herzog - back then he was Ulrich; the name Fred came later, in Canada - remembers his mother showing him her school picture, pointing to the Jewish girls in the photo. They were the smartest in the class, she told her young son.
Email sent to Environment Canada scientists
Email sent to Environment Canada scientists attending the International Polar Year conference in Montreal: You are one of approximately fifty EC specialists that have been identified as participating in the final International Polar Year conference. Media will be present, and all presentations are open to media. Media interest in EC science is expected.