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I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened – The Oatmeal

A big thanks to my friend Rebecca for coining the term “CuntHammer” when describing Queen Cersei. If you have issues with my usage of the C word, please take it up with her. Or just go read this comic.

CAS – Sea Level Rise in B.C.

The 21st century is expected to witness a continued rise in global average sea level as a result of the melting of glaciers and ice caps, and warming (thermal expansion) of the upper ocean. Sea level is predicted to rise, on average, by 1 metre over the next century.

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Metro – Halifax : Blog : Politics as Usual : Morning Fix: Joseph Howe Probably Should Have a Day

While 60 per cent of Canada is enjoying Family Day or whatever, we hard working Bluenosers are spending all Monday morning watching youtube clips. While lazy Ontarians relax and sip lattes and catch up on their reading, we’ll be checking facebook while telling our bosses we’re working on that longer-ish project, you know, the one that won’t be ready for tomorrow. – documentary – under fire: journalists in combat

Only two journalists were killed in World War I. Iraq has so far claimed 120. The recent Libyan uprising has already claimed the lives of four and global conflict looks set to continue. War journalism has become an increasingly lethal endeavor. Not only are correspondents viewed as targets, they are often subject to kidnappings, torture and even beheadings.

Pro-Palestinian remark cut from Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s UN…

OTTAWA – A Canadian expression of goodwill toward the Palestinian people was left on the cutting-room floor when Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird addressed the United Nations General Assembly last fall. Baird rejected early departmental drafts of his maiden address to the UN that said Canada is a “leading supporter” of the Palestinian people and outlined major spending that backed that assertion, The Canadian Press has learned.

Blowout in the Beaufort: Exploratory Well Still Spilling

Blowout in the Beaufort: Exploratory Well Still Spilling The operators of an exploratory well in Northern Alaska reported a blowout this week at their site near the Beaufort Sea coast. Repsol E&P USA Inc. say an estimated 42,000 gallons of drilling mud was ejected from their operation on the Colville River Delta, near the village of Nuigsut Wednesday (Feb.

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Iran Oil Ministry: Exports cut to Britain, France

Home: St. Paul Pioneer Press –

Amy Johnson of Minneapolis bought a $12 carwash voucher in November from Calhoun Beach Automotive, a BP gas station in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, but found the line too long to wait in. So she stashed the receipt, which had a code that would let her enter the automated carwash and that expired in 30 days.

Keystone XL—Five Stories Not Told « EcoWatch: Uniting the Voice of the Grassroots Environmental Movement

By Jill Fitzsimmons & Emilee Pierce In the media storm surrounding TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline, news outlets have largely focused on the employment impacts of the project, often parroting discredited industry statistics in the process. But jobs are only a part of the story.

Future Toronto cardinal Thomas Collins dismisses Vatican controversy, Pope…

From a rooftop overlooking St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins, right, speaks via Skype with students in Canada on Wednesday as Archdiocese communications director Neil MacCarthy helps out. Emanuel Pires/Archdiocese of Toronto ROME-With a new ring and red hat, Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins becomes a prince of the Roman Catholic Church on Saturday, a cardinal in the elite group that will choose the next pope.

Jumbo-sized carbon footprint of farmed shrimp tracked by scientist :: The Hook

By Jude Isabella February 17, 2012 02:15 pm [Editor’s note: Jude Isabella will file Hook items as she attends the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting being held in Vancouver.] Wonder no more what is the carbon footprint of a shrimp cocktail — for every 551 grams of aquaculture shrimp produced, a ton of carbon is released into the atmosphere.

Does ‘Linsanity’ do my Asian heritage a Lin-justice?

I didn’t know I wanted a Jeremy Lin until there he was – on the cover of every newspaper, leading off every highlight reel, the linspiration for a slew of awful puns that cluttered my Twitter feed. As a Canadian-born, half-Chinese guy living in multicultural Toronto, I haven’t had much reason to be troubled by my Asianness.

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If only Tory caucus walls could talk (and Vic Toews couldn’t)

Perhaps the person most disappointed with Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews this week was Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

We’ll Know When We Get There: Sincerely, John Hughes

I was babysitting for my mom’s friend Kathleen’s daughter the night I wrote that first fan letter to John Hughes. I can literally remember the yellow grid paper, the blue ball point pen and sitting alone in the dim light in the living room, the baby having gone to bed.

Creekside: Gutter politics, you say?

So the government which used the   private  medical records of Vets activist Sean Bruyea and Vets Review Board member Harold Leduc to smear them, and the  private  government correspondence of diplomat Richard Colvin to smear him – the same government which defended its  dirty phone tricks  campaign as “vital free speech” according to  Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan  -  is now going all Angry Baird that someone twittered already publicly available info about Toews in response to his Awful Access internet spying Act .