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Maddalena, 88, and Fortunato Corso, 89, a Bensonhurst couple married 72 years prepare for Valentine's Day with a kiss at home in New York. The couple will be honoured today by Brooklyn borough President Marty Markowitz in a celebration of couples married 50 years or more. The Corso's, who met...
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Most Expensive Liquids And Why Printer Ink Costs So Much - Infographic | Infographic Post
Does anyone have any idea what the most expensive liquids are?!! Do you know how expensive regular printer ink costs by the gallon? I'll bet you did not know that you could buy one gallon of black printer ink for the same price as 982 cartons of milk!!
Michael C. Hall, right, as Dexter Morgan, and Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his sister Debra on the Showtime TV drama. Randy Tepper/Showtime A game-changing development for Dexter Morgan.
London 2012: Canadian-made adhesive holds Olympians and weekend warriors together
Just how popular have SpiderTech adhesive bandages become among Olympic-level athletes in the three years they've been on the market? Before the Toronto-based company could approach Canadian stars like triathlete Simon Whitfield and kayaker Adam van Koeverden about sponsorship, its owners learned the athletes were already wearing the tape, applied strategically to muscles to relieve pain and improve function.
How to watch a movie: Howell
There’s the couple I sat in front of that wouldn’t shut up. They’re the people who sit in the dark with their smartphones, disturbing others with bright lights. Have we forgotten that we go to movies to escape real life? Toronto Star movie critic sees hundreds of movies a year.
Fight overbooked? You can get a full refund
You arrive at the airport, ready to leave on a trip that you planned long ago. But the flight is overbooked and you are denied boarding. Airlines often sell more seats than they have available on a plane, expecting a few cancellations or no-shows. But if all the scheduled passengers arrive, the airline has to scramble.
Katie Holmes leaves her apartment surrounded by bodyguards
It's July 4th and one American who's sure to be celebrating her independence is Katie Holmes. (So sorry about that sentence. That was truly terrible). Yesterday, which was Tom Cruise's 50th birthday, Katie was seen leaving her brand-new $12,000-a-month apartment with her daughter and no less than nine bodyguards.
Gummy Bear Dress PHOTOS | Styleite
We've already been stunned by some gorgeous wedding dresses made out of toilet paper, but this is like nothing we've ever seen: an Alexander McQueen-inspired gown made entirely of gummy bears, created by Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi for the debut issue of TWELV magazine.
Watch the trailer for Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher
Imagine that! The trailer for Tom Cruise's upcoming movie, Jack Reacher, is released at the same time that everybody is talking about Tom Cruise's divorce drama. Holy coincidence, awesome marketing department!
This is Doug Pitt, the second-most famous Pitt in his family
Meet Doug Pitt, brother of you know who. In this video, the somewhat awkward but nice Doug will show you his definitely not stratospherically wealthy home - his man room (his family doesn't appreciate his taste in music), his lovely kitchen, his printer (1200 dpi, still black and white), his so-so skills at basketball, his minivan.
Norah Jones' 'Everybody Needs a Best Friend' from Ted
If you haven't seen Ted yet, here's a chance to watch the music video/clip that features Norah Jones' sweet "Everybody Needs a Best Friend." If you've seen the movie already, well, just watch the video again then. Seth MacFarlane's Ted won the weekend box office, btw, with $54,415,205.
NHL free agents: Teams doling out lots of money for average help - Cox
LONDON-The Los Angeles Kings, it's abundantly clear, didn't win the Stanley Cup on July 1, 2011. Some might say it was a week earlier when they traded for Mike Richards, but it was more likely the following winter when they hired Darryl Sutter to coach and acquired Jeff Carter.
Wimbledon: Canada's Milos Raonic eliminated with timid effort in second-round loss
LONDON-Less pain, same result. Banished in the second round of Wimbledon. While Milos Raonic didn't leave the All England Club on Friday with a wrecked hip, it was easy to get the sense he was feeling a different kind of discomfort, more mental than physical.
Mayor Rob Ford didn't stop for open streetcar door, TTC union says
A confrontation between Rob Ford and a TTC driver occurred Wednesday because the mayor drove his vehicle past the open doors of a streetcar, the head of the transit workers' union said Friday.
James: A time to step up and pay up
TTC Chair Karen Stintz wants you to read her lips: "I'm not running for mayor." Her gambit to get Toronto citizens to set aside some property tax dollars in a legacy fund for transit is a heartfelt push to kickstart a transit revival in Toronto, not launch a campaign to challenge Mayor Rob Ford in the 2014 municipal election.
Wimbledon: Milos Raonic motivated to play well in order for parents to see...
LONDON-Milos Raonic figures his parents are using the carrot-and-stick approach. Neither his father nor mother are in town for the beginning of his second assault on Wimbledon, but might be around by the end of the week. "They have things to take care of," he smiled today after a morning workout on the practice courts at the All-England Club.
Please, George R.R. Martin, write like the wind
It's well-known that Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is pretty fed up with fans begging him to finish the series. But, then again, no one has ever begged him as eloquently as Paul and Storm. ("We need our allotment of incest and intrigue and six-page descriptions of every last meal").