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Latest Articles Yes, Chef: A Memoir (9780385342605): Marcus Samuelsson: Books
Marcus Samuelsson is a genius in the kitchen, but his real skill is in maneuvering. "Yes, Chef" is an intriguing little look at ambition, how to climb to the top of your field and make the most of your friends and family. He's a take no prisoners kind of guy, adept at using people and then losing them.
Top GOP Pollster to GOP: Reverse On Gay Issues
Below is a remarkable document. It's a memo circulated by Jan van Lohuizen, a highly respected Republican pollster, (he polled for George W. Bush in 2004), to various leading Republican operatives, candidates and insiders. It's on the fast-shifting poll data on marriage equality and gay rights in general, and how that should affect Republican policy and language.
Europe's lost generation: how it feels to be young and struggling in the EU
Viola Caon left her Italian home to find work. Now she returns to see how her former classmates are faring… and in the week that shocking figures showed how badly Europe's youth is being hit by the unemployment crisis, we also talk to hard-hit twentysomethings in Athens and Madrid
Deadlock in Davos as pressure on Greece rises
The move to make Greece hand over control of budgetary policy as the price for agreeing a €130bn rescue package would represent a humiliating blow to Greece's hopes of controlling its own destiny but could offer a means of staving off financial ruin.
SOPA/PIPA Blackout By the Numbers
Carl Franzen January 19, 2012, 12:55 PM In case you missed it, the Web on Wednesday, January 18 basically revolted en masse against two pieces of anti-piracy legislation being considered by the U.S. Congress, with tens of thousands of websites going dark or "censoring" parts of their U.S.
Davos 2012: Twitterers React to Angela Merkel's Speech
German Chancellor Angela Merkel kicked off the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort town of Davos Wednesday with a keynote address that aimed to reassure attendees that the eurozone will weather its current crisis -- and critics and supporters took to Twitter to respond.
Social Entrepreneurs in Positive Moods as Annual Meeting Kicks Off
I always love the day before the official annual World Economic Forum meeting kicks off. This is the time when the 30 social entrepreneurs who have been invited to the Forum through the Schwab Foundation can get together themselves and discuss matters which are relevant to their sector.
Politifact Backtracks After Fact Check Wreck
In the continuing annals of Politifact oddness, it seems that during the initial truth-squadding of last night's State Of The Union address, the fact-checking organization took issue with a section of the speech that, frankly, would have been otherwise forgettable. The section dealt specifically with job growth during the Obama administration.
Calling All Mothers, Calling All Babies: Introducing HuffPost Global Motherhood
I'm delighted to announce the launch of Global Motherhood, a new section within HuffPost Impact dedicated to the health and well being of mothers and babies around the world, and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. In 2010, Johnson & Johnson launched its text4baby app in an attempt to use technology to improve the lives of mothers and babies.
The (Im)morality of Capitalism: How to Have the Argument We Aren't Having
A democracy must be able to engage its own economy -- even a democracy as money-bloated and doubt-ridden as ours has become. To do that, we need a way of talking about the (im)morality of capitalism that lets us get hold of the issue and grapple with it.
Sunday Roundup
This week, while in Davos for the World Economic Forum, I watched President Obama deliver what was a great State of the Union speech... for 2009. Proposing the establishment of a financial crimes unit in January 2012 is like waiting three years before sending firemen to the scene of an inferno.
My Letter to the Internet
Dear Friends: Today, thousands of websites have chosen to voluntarily go offline or modify their home pages with public service information. Some have called this a stunt. I say it's a brave and poignant reminder that we can't take the Internet for granted.
Iowa Caucus Results: Rick Santorum Ahead Of Mitt Romney
COLUMBIA, S.C.--Rick Santorum edged Mitt Romney by 34 votes in a surprise flip to the final tally of the Iowa caucuses, but no winner will be declared because some votes remain missing in the event's closest finish ever, Republican officials said Thursday.
Mitt Romney Madness: South Carolina Edition (VIDEO)
An odd thing seems to be afoot in the Republican presidential nomination race: The closer Mitt Romney gets to the nomination, the further he gets from sanity. It began 11 days ago at the Manchester, New Hampshire debate, where Romney stuttered and stammered his way around his mute, stunned Republican rivals and equally flummoxed debate moderators like a vinyl record with zig-zag grooves.
Le Huffington Post Debuts In France
The Huffington Post debuted its first foreign language edition Monday with the launch of Le Huffington Post, a French language site published in partnership with Le Monde and LNEI (Les Nouvelles Editions Indépendantes). The site was officially unveiled to members of the media at a press conference Monday morning at Le Monde headquarters in Paris.
Eugene Jarecki, Sundance Grand Jury Winner, On His Drug War Documentary 'The House I Live In'
In 2005, Eugene Jarecki's documentary "Why We Fight" won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for its incisive deconstruction of the military-industrial complex. At this year's festival, he won the award again with a follow-up of sorts, titled "The House I Live In," which examines the unimaginable damage wrought by America's prison-industrial system and the so-called War on Drugs.
New Beginnings: Fly Me to the Moon
As much as I love science, I hated the lack of opportunities available to scientists before the revolution. I told myself that there was nothing I could do to change that, and that Egypt was going to stay the same way for many more years. I was wrong.
The Romney Tax Loophole
After refusing for weeks to release his taxes, Mitt Romney now says he'll do so -- by tax day, April 15. But the real news is what Romney has now admitted about his taxes -- the fact he doesn't want to become news once the media begin scouring his tax forms. It's not how much Romney earns.
Obama's State Of The Union Address: Everybody Must Play By The Same Rules
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama used Tuesday's State of the Union address to lay out a vision of America in which everybody gets a fair shot at economic success and everybody -- including the wealthy -- plays by the same rules as the average citizen.
Mitt Romney Florida Primary Comeback Fueled By Deep Pockets, Big Advertising Spending
2012 Election , Campaign Finance , Mitt Romney , Newt Gingrich 2012 , Rick Santorum , Advertising , Elections 2012 , Newt Gingrich , Ron Paul , Video , FL Election , FL Election 2012 , FL Primary , FL Primary 2012 , FL Primary Election 2012 , Florida Primary , Mitt Romney Florida , Political Advertising , Restore Our Future , Ron Paul 2012 , Ron Paul For President , Super PACs , Winning Our Future , Florida Election 2012 , Florida Primary 2012 , Florida Primary Election , Florida Primary Election 2012 , Mitt Romney 2012 , Mitt Romney For President , Newt Gingrich Florida , Newt Gingrich For President , Rick Santorum 2012 , Santorum , Super Pac , Politics News WASHINGTON -- Fresh off a triumphant victory in the South Carolina primary, former Speaker Newt Gingrich came to Florida with the wind at his back.
Sunday Roundup
This week, Rick Perry closed out his presidential run while Newt Gingrich's second ex-wife claimed he'd wanted an open marriage -- and President Obama brought down the house at the Apollo by revealing his heretofore hidden inner-Al Green.
SOPA Blackout Aims To Block Internet Censorship Bill
Thousands of websites, including some of the most popular, are going dark today to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill which is designed to thwart copyright infringement but that Web experts warn could threaten the functionality of the Internet.
Rick Perry Drops Out Of 2012 Presidential Race Ahead Of South Carolina Primary
Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday ahead of South Carolina's primary election. Perry addressed his decision to abandon his campaign at a press conference in North Charleston.
At the World Economic Forum: Calling for a Real Transformation - Now!
If I bump into Professor Klaus Schwab, who started and still runs the World Economic Forum here in Davos, I will challenge him on the purpose of the event. Schwab has described the WEF as "a platform for collaborative thinking and searching for solutions, not for making decisions."
In South Carolina, Candidates And Citizens Occupy Separate Realms
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Inside a cavernous ballroom at a downtown hotel, Newt Gingrich stands beneath crystal chandeliers, addressing a crowd of several hundred local businesspeople -- most of them men in dark suits and ties, and many looking not unlike Newt Gingrich.
At Davos, Recognition of Global Slowdown
DAVOS, Switzerland -- Among the less helpful ideas that has managed to endure despite a reappraisal of economic wisdom is the notion that faster-growing countries -- principally, China and India -- would prove so robust that they alone could propel the planet.
For-Profit College Executives Make Much More Than Their Higher Education Counterparts [INFOGRAPHIC]
For-profit colleges have been in the hot seat over the past two years, with the federal government and more than a dozen state attorneys general probing fraudulent recruiting tactics and high student debt levels. But there has been relatively little attention paid to how the Wall Street corporations that own many for-profit colleges pay those at the top.
Mitt Romney's South Carolina Nightmare: What Keeps Him Up Late
ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Mitt Romney and his team left nothing to chance here on Wednesday, and it's a good thing, because they are looking over their shoulder at a Newt Gingrich who not only isn't dead but still has an outside chance to pull off a huge surprise in the South Carolina primary.
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