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This Week 02/19: Interview with John McCain Full Episode - This Week - ABC News
Watch full episodes of This Week online at ABC News. Stream This Week 02/19: Interview with John McCain instantly.
On 'This Week': John McCain and Robert Gibbs
As the Republican battle for Michigan heats up, 2008 GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain comes exclusively to "This Week" and goes one-on-one with ABC News senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper. McCain has endorsed his former rival Mitt Romney, who beat him in Michigan four years ago.
On 'This Week': Rick Santorum, Jack Lew and Paul Ryan
He's coming off a three-state sweep and is emerging as the latest GOP alternative to Mitt Romney. George Stephanopoulos talks with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum about his surprising wins and how he plans to carry his newfound momentum forward. Can he bring together the conservative vote and challenge Romney for the nomination?
Newt Gingrich Says Mitt Romney 'Misled' Country, But Would Still Endorse Him If He's the Nominee
David Goldman/AP He has called Mitt Romney a “liar” who “misled the entire country” in last week’s debate. But that won’t keep Newt Gingrich from endorsing Romney should he become the Republican nominee for president.   “I think reelecting Obama is a disaster and I’ll certainly endorse the Republican nominee.
Power Players: Make or Break Time in Florida
ABC News and Yahoo! News launched a new show called Power Players. Every morning HERE at 9am you’ll be able to view the latest political analysis from Jake Tapper, Jonathan Karl, John Berman, Amy Walter, Rick Klein, Yahoo! Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian and me with George’s Bottom Line.
Newt Gingrich Wants Freddie Mac Records Released Before Florida Primary
Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images In response to lobbying accusations from his opponents Newt Gingrich told me it would be “very helpful” if his former company, Center for Health Transformation, released the consulting contract he had with mortgage giant Freddie Mac before the Florida primary on January 31.
The Lessons Mitt Romney Said He Learned In Florida
Image credit: Gerald Herbert/AP Photo Mitt Romney said he learned a few lessons that helped him turn a devastating loss in South Carolina into a decisive victory in Florida.
Biden: Obama Ordered Somalia Rescue Because of American's 'Failing' Health
Vice President Joe Biden said American aid worker Jessica Buchanan’s health was the reason President Obama authorized last night’s special operations rescue operation in Somalia.
Vice President Biden Calls Gingrich Food Stamp Charge 'Ridiculous'
Vice President Joe Biden defended President Barack Obama’s State of the Union message calling for greater economic fairness, saying that statements by Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich accusing Obama of promoting food stamps are “ridiculous.” Following the president’s speech last night, in which he called for greater economic fairness on taxes between the wealthy and middle class, Gingrich released a statement saying, “He will always prefer a food stamp economy to a paycheck economy and call it fair.” “It’s hard to respond to Newt with those kind of ridiculous statements,” Vice President Biden told me on “GMA.” “Do they actually…
Donald Trump Will Endorse 'In a Very Short Period of Time'
Image credit: ABC News That’s what the real estate mogul and reality TV star told me this morning on “GMA.” He wouldn’t indicate which of the remaining four Republican candidates would get his support, but he did single out Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. “I’m friendly with both.
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