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ShopLocket Launches Solution for Single-Item Merchants

ShopLocket is launching today to let users embed and sell a product anywhere, no storefront required. Somewhere between selling an item on Craigslist and setting up an online store, it allows users to embed a product for sale anywhere they’re already driving visitors – Facebook pages, blogs, their own website – instead of directing people to a storefront on a tool like Shopify, all without writing a line of code. : O’Brien: Bill Campbell makes future of journalism his next crusade

O’Brien: Bill Campbell makes future of journalism his next crusade By Chris O’Brien, Mercury News Columnist Buried way down in a recent news release announcing a media innovation institute to be shared by Stanford and Columbia universities was an intriguing tidbit: The institute’s board of advisers includes Silicon Valley legend Bill Campbell.

Jeremy Lin row reveals deep-seated racism against Asian Americans

The racist language directed at the NBA Asian American basketball player has been quite something to behold Of the many questions that have been asked about the jaw-dropping success of the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin, who went from a barely known basketball player to one of the most famous athletes in America in a single game, one that has yet to be posed is: what is the connection between Lin and Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Politics, Political News – Election 2012

By DARREN SAMUELSOHN | 2/21/12 12:33 AM EST The climate researcher says he made a “lapse of my own and professional judgment and ethics.” By KENNETH P. VOGEL and ABBY PHILLIP | 2/20/12 8:42 PM EST By KENNETH P.

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Charlie Riedel | ASSOCIATED PRESS The Star’s Bob Dutton is in Arizona as pitchers and catchers report today. Send him your Royals questions during a live chat at 1 p.m. The Chiefs landed free-agent cornerback Stanford Routt today with a three-year, $20 million contract that guarantees him $6 million in 2012.

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Derek Thompson Might be America’s Most Underrated Blogger | Crasstalk

Why doesn’t The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson get more attention? I rarely see his stuff linked from other big economics-oriented liberal bloggers and he seems to always be overshadowed by the other writers at his own publication – folks like James Fallows, Ta-Nahesi Coates and (barf) Megan McCardle.

Companies Replacing Gut Feelings With Big Data

NYC-based fund IA Ventures just announced that it raised a $105 million fund focusing on “companies that create competitive advantage through data.” Startup Visual Revenue, which uses data predicting how long an article should on the front page to optimize performance, is one of the companies IA Ventures has already funded. – Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News

Situation Room: Suicide bomb plot JKUSA: Dow closes highest since 2008 Connect the World: UN action in Syria I.D.E.A.: Investing in start-ups pays Piers: Nikki Sixx on ‘rock docs’ Situation Room: Kin turns in fugitive | daily design for everyone features daily design inspirations and sales of up to 70% off retail. Free

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Google tricks Internet Explorer into accepting tracking cookies, Microsoft claims

Google was caught last week bypassing default privacy settings in the Safari browser in order to serve up tracking cookies. The company claimed the situation was an accident and limited only to the Safari Web browser, but today Microsoft claimed Google is doing much the same thing with Internet Explorer.

Google developing Siri-like user interface for Google TV – :: Future of Journalism

Patently Apple :: Just six days prior to Apple officially launching iCloud and Siri, Google was rushing their patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office covering a new Google TV remote and/or application. The new remote will use voice controls associated with Google’s own cloud services.

News from The Associated Press

MADRID (AP) — Spain said Monday it will soon send hulking military transport planes to Florida to retrieve 17 tons of treasure that U.S. undersea explorers found but ultimately lost in American courts, a find experts have speculated could be the richest shipwreck treasure in history.

LinkedIn’s Empire State Building Offices As Seen Through the Lens of Business Insider

Ah, the strange joys of a Business Insider office slideshow. The genre has become something of a guilty indulgence around the Betabeat Skype room. Sort of like the Pringles™ of slideshows. Once you pop, you can’t stop. After consuming the pageview equivalent of a bunch of regurgitated potatoes mashed together into a chip-shaped object, you feel a little queasy.

Groupon Acquisitions All About Getting Past the One-Night Stand

Groupon announced its acquisition of NYC-based Hyperpublic over the weekend, a startup focused on layering data on top of maps to make it easier to provide contextual information about places on a hyperlocal level. Groupon also acquired Kima Labs, the company behind Barcode Hero and TapBuy, in a deal announced just hours after the Hyperpublic buy.

Rats free each other from traps, then share chocolate – life – 08 December 2011 – New Scientist

Rat catchers may need to up their game. The distress shown by a trapped rat will encourage another rat to spring the trap and free the rodent. The finding suggests the common pest shows a level of empathic behaviour previously thought unique to primates.

Special report: After Japan’s megaquake – New Scientist

The biggest earthquake in Japanese history and the ensuing tsunami has left thousands dead and many more missing.

How the digital blob feasts on our intimate data –

Editor’s note: Andrew Keen is a British-American entrepreneur and professional skeptic. He is the author of “The Cult of the Amateur,” and the upcoming (June 2012) “Digital Vertigo.” This is the latest in a series of commentaries for CNN looking at how internet trends are influencing social culture.

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