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Failure To Launch: Darpa's Drone Contest Ends Unconquered
Last year, the Pentagon asked DIY-drone enthusiasts to come up with the spy drone of the future. Twelve months later, it looks like they might need a little more time. In an announcement posted online yesterday with little fanfare, Darpa announced that their UAVForge competition had ended -- with none of the 140 teams emerging victorious in the quest to create a better spy drone.
LMB: 87 años de darle vida al Rey | Mexican League News
LMB: 87 años de darle vida al Rey El 28 de junio de 1925 se cantó el primer Playball en la historia de la Liga Mexicana de Beisbol México, D.F. ( 28 de junio.- La voz de playball se escuchó por primera vez en la historia de la LMB el 28 de junio de 1925.
Do You Know Your Enemy? Why we should all root for the Miami Heat to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder | The Nation
Do You Know Your Enemy? Why we should all root for the Miami Heat to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder | The Nation
Il magico bici mondo di Jean Jacques Sempe' - 1
Nato a Bordeaux, in Francia nel 1932, Jean-Jacques Sempé è uno dei più grandi illustratori al mondo, famoso per i suoi lavori ispirati alla cultura della bicicletta e del ciclismo in generale. Rimangono nella storia le copertine del magazine The New Yorker e le vignette realizzate suloltre ai vari personaggi creati nella sua lunga vita.
Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pacquiao vs. Bradley Date June 9, 2012 Location MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Title(s) on the line WBO Welterweight Manny Pacquiao vs.
Rutgers gets $2.4M to study military suicides Rutgers gets $2.4M to study military suicides (East Brunswick, N.J.) Home News Tribune Posted : Thursday May 31, 2012 19:37:30 EDT NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Rutgers University has received $2.4 million to study the genetic make-up of soldiers at risk for suicide or psychological issues - part of the largest study of mental-health risk ever conducted by the military, spokeswoman Robin Lally said.
In Ad Network Nightmare, Microsoft Making 'Do Not Track' Default for IE 10
Microsoft announced Thursday that the next version of its browser, IE 10, will ship with the controversial "Do Not Track" feature turned on by default, a first among major browsers, creating a potential threat to online advertising giants. That includes one of Microsoft's chief rivals -- Google.
HP to Open-Source Its WebOS Mobile Platform
HP announced Friday that its WebOS mobile platform would be made open source. It's a major decision that essentially sends the software to a slow, quiet death. The decision came during an all-hands meeting on Friday morning - this after months of speculation that the platform's life was hanging in the balance.
Live: Apple CEO Tim Cook's First Time in the Hot Seat at D
While he has presided over a number of events since taking over as Apple CEO last year, Tuesday night promises to offer a new look inside the mind of Tim Cook. Cook, as Steve Jobs did several times during his career, is taking the stage at D: All Things Digital for an in-depth sit-down with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg.
Dan Harmon Is No Longer Showrunner on Community
Pop-Pop and Boom! Dan Harmon will not be returning as showrunner of NBC's Community, and whether he'll remain involved at all with the series he created at remains very much in doubt. Sony Pictures Television, which produces the series with Universal Television, has closed a deal with Happy Endings writers David Guarascio and Moses Port to join Community as showrunners and exec producers.
Facebook Newsroom
Facebook Newsroom - Facebook's latest news, announcements and media resources
Piezoelectric speaker will let researchers talk with dolphins | ExtremeTech
A team of Japanese researchers from the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology may become the first people to communicate with dolphins using their own language. Dolphins, with many human-like social and sexual traits, are often regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet.
Apple's iSet: the revolution will be televised | Hookshot Inc.
Last night's reports on the financial market of Apple's buyout of luxury German television company Loewe appears to have little to do with Spelltower, Sword & Sworcery, Solipskier and all of the other iOS games that keep us warm at night. But to dismiss these reports as irrelevant to the games industry would be short-sighted.
The Bad News: As Suspected, Rental Rates Have Increased Dramatically Over the Past Year
The above map shows the average advertised rental price for each major San Francisco neighborhood compared between 2011 and 2012. LiveLovely, a local apartment hunting site, compiled the data using figures based on indexed apartment listings posted on Craigslist.
WIRED Magazine Editorial Fellowships
WIRED magazine is seeking four editorial fellows for the second half of 2012. These fellowships are based in the magazine's San Francisco office and are full-time. The next round will begin July 2, 2012 and end December 28, 2012. Editorial fellowships focus on the Play section, the Start section, gadgets research, and fact-checking.
Opinion: How long before the Kickstarter bubble bursts?
Kickstarter's generated plenty of funding for game developers over the past several months, but will this new-found funding model last? Gamasutra outlines important risks developers and backers need to be aware of.
The Cabin in the Woods Is a Pixelated Nightmare
Real-life horror story-cum-video game has narrative glitches, needs to be unplugged On the advice of a friend who described The Cabin in the Woods as the next cinematic "happening" in horror and mayhem, I bit the bullet and suffered through a creepfest so stupid it makes trashy slash-and-burn epics like Humans Versus Zombies and I Spit on Your Grave seem like Molière and Proust.