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Everything We Know (So Far) About Obama's Big Data Tactics
Here's what the nerds did. What data did they use-and were they tracking you across the web? It's still not clear. Chief Innovation and Integration Officer Michael Slaby and other campaign officials said again that they relied less on consumer data, and more on public voting records and the responses that voters provided directly to campaign canvassers.
The Volokh Conspiracy " Win or Lose, My Thanks
On the eve of the historic Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of the individual insurance mandate, I don't know what the outcome will be any more than anyone else. I have never made a prediction and won't start now. From the beginning, I always insisted that the challenge was serious, but also an uphill climb.
The Volokh Conspiracy " Predictions on the Health Care Cases
On the day before the health care cases come down, Larry Tribe is predicting that the Supreme Court will uphold the Affordable Care Act; so is Tom Goldstein. I've thought very deeply about this question over the last few months, and I have posted my own prediction here.
Top NBA Draft Pick Anthony Davis Trademarks Unibrow
Since he began his freshman year at the University of Kentucky, teammates exhorted basketball star Anthony Davis in vain to shave his unibrow. But a year later, as the expected top pick in this week's NBA draft, Davis is aiming to cash in on his refusal.
Obama Motorcade Stops at 'World's Largest Drive-In'
(Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo) On a campaign swing through downtown Atlanta today, President Obama and his motorcade made a pit stop for lunch at The Varsity, an 84-year-old institution that calls itself the "world's largest drive-in."
SCOTUS Update: La Loi, C'est Moi
I am not enough of a Supreme Court buff to have any confident idea of what the majority will rule on the Obama health care plan. But confidence in the very idea that the Roberts majority will approach this as a "normal" legal matter, rather than as one more Bush-v.Gore front in the political wars, grows ever harder to maintain, especially after the latest labor-rights ruling.
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Self-Made Man
There's a DVD that's been sitting in its jewel box on my desk for a few years (I've been busy​-​no time to tidy up), and the other day, after reading through two brand-new books about Barack Obama, one admiring, the other ferociously disapproving, I snapped the cellophane at last and slid the disk into my computer drive.
Grieving Father Struggles to Pay Dead Son's Student Loans
A few months after he buried his son, Francisco Reynoso began getting notices in the mail. Then the debt collectors came calling. "They would say, 'We don't care what happened with your son, you have to pay us,'" recalled Reynoso, a gardener from Palmdale, Calif.
This Desk Will Be Disappointed If You Don't Draw All Over It
When you're a kid, surfaces are made to be doodled on. Walls are crayon-canvases; wooden tables seem naked without some colorful finger paint prettying them up. It takes a while -- from parents' perspective, a very long while -- for us to learn to contain our innovational impulses.
Christopher Hayes - Twilight of the Elites | Politics & Prose Bookstore
Start: Jun 18 2012 7:00 pm In this powerfully argued work of social criticism, the MSNBC host examines why public trust in institutions is at an all-time low. From Wall Street to the Catholic Church to baseball franchises, Hayes sees groups of elites distanced from the rest of society and prone to corruption and failure.
Maryland Crab Fakes
Maryland jumbo lump crab cake appears three times on the menu at seafood-centric American restaurant P.J. Clarke's, at 16th and K streets NW. "Do you know where the crab in the crab cake comes from?" I ask our server as I order the $34 entrée, which consists of two fist-sized patties with tartar sauce and a side of sweet slaw.
6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use Them
Taking a team from ordinary to extraordinary means understanding and embracing the difference between management and leadership. According to writer and consultant Peter Drucker, "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." Manager and leader are two completely different roles, although we often use the terms interchangeably.
Cops: Tech Exec Built Stolen 'Legoland' in $2M Home
On the surface, Thomas Langenbach had it all. A $2 million home with a killer view high up in the hills of San Carlos, California; a wife; two children; a nanny; and a prestigious job at technology giant SAP.
A day we won't forget for a long, long time " Charles Apple "
"A date which will live in infamy." Overly dramatic? Perhaps. But given the shocking news that has come our way over the last 14 to 16 hours, I think not. Surely you know the news by now. But in case you haven't: Advance Publications announced it's cutting print editions of four of its newspapers to only three times a week.
One Foot Tsunami: Over-Promise and Under-Deliver
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 We've covered The Callousness of Siri before, but how about Siri's accuracy? You've likely seen the Apple ad featuring Samuel L. Jackson using Siri. If you've used Siri yourself, however, you know the disclaimer of "Sequences shortened" is more than an understatement. They've edited out the inevitable "No....NO....NO!" China Airborne eBook: James Fallows: Kindle Store
Starred Review* Atlantic correspondent Fallows dives into this most timely subject and, in brisk yet erudite language, takes readers on a tour of China's burgeoning aviation industry. Along the way, he provides an in-depth look at a place where general aviation is nearly nonexistent, multimillion dollar airports are built before airline traffic is approved, and the military holds ultimate control over all of the airspace.
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Cruise yard sales to tell the stories of the 'shadow economy' : Reynolds Center for Business Journalism
Many people kick themselves for failing to implement that one great "woulda, coulda, shoulda," idea - and I'm one of them. Back when the Internet was first becoming mainstream, I wanted to create an online directory of yard sales and garage sales, complete with a mapping function and e-mail alerts.
Kirk Talks About Rehab from Stroke
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