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Rep. Joe Walsh Accuses Iraq Vet Of Not Being A 'True Hero' For Talking Too Much About Losing Her Legs | Mediaite
You almost have to feel bad for Congressman Joe Walsh. The freshman Tea Partier is running for reelection against Democrat Tammy Duckworth who just so happens to be a Purple Heart-winning pilot who, at the end of 20 years of service, lost both her legs when an RPG hit her helicopter in Iraq.
David Brooks: Know Your Betters | The Agitator
Yesterday David Brooks wrote a scathing, wicked caricature of David Brooks. Except of course he wasn't joking. At least I don't think he was joking. It's really something to behold. Those "Question Authority" bumper stickers no longer symbolize an attempt to distinguish just and unjust authority. They symbolize an attitude of opposing authority.
Op-Ed: Bring on the 'partisans'
As Wisconsin voters flooded polling places for Gov. Scott Walker's recall election, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, in an interview with Fox Business Channel, bemoaned the "obsessive partisanship" enveloping American politics. A few hours later, as returns showed Walker would retain his job, Palin reappeared on Fox News, suddenly less interested in eschewing poisonous partisanship.
MSNBC host: NYC big soda ban a 'great idea' | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner
On MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, co-host Mika Brzezinski defended New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 oz. from restaurants. "I think it's a great idea," she said. "Does anyone want to challenge me on that?"
30,000 Irish apply to become British citizens - Republic of Ireland, Local & National -
Almost 30,000 residents of the Republic of Ireland have applied to become British citizens over the past three years.
McGuinness offer to murder tribunal - Republic of Ireland, Local & National -
Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has offered to testify at a tribunal where it was claimed he was involved in the IRA sanctioning the murders of two RUC officers. But the Sinn Fein MP insisted he would have nothing to contribute to the Smithwick inquiry in Dublin because he has no knowledge of the incident.
Jacob Zuma penis painting removed by South African newspaper
A South African newspaper has removed a controversial image of Jacob Zuma from its website, after coming under pressure from the African National Congress (ANC), explaining: "The atmosphere is like a tinderbox."
The bullets are flying in Caracas
Traffic in Caracas -- which is chaotic at the best of times -- ground to a virtual standstill today as authorities were forced to shut down the main east-west highway crossing the length of the long and narrow city. The reason? Gunfire.
Mitch Daniels Was Right About The Social Issues Truce
Back before his name first started being floated as a potential candidate for President, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels made some waves inside the Republican Party by suggesting in a 2010 interview with The Weekly Standard's Andrew Ferguson that the Republican Party should put aside social issues in the 2012 campaign and focus on the economy and the Federal Government's fiscal problems: The next president, whoever he is, "would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues.
Keene Police finds a new pet in the BearCat | The Equinox
Keene city council voted 12-1 in December to accept a Homeland Security grant of more than $285,000. This grant would allow the Keene Police Department to purchase a LENCO BearCat, an armored vehicle whose intended use was never quite specified. However, backlash began recently over the council's acceptance of the grant.
Police 'Tank' Purchase Riles New Hampshire Town
"We're going to have our own tank." That's what Keene, N.H., Mayor Kendall Lane whispered to Councilman Mitch Greenwood during a December city council meeting. It's not quite a tank. But the quaint town of 23,000 -- scene of just two murders since 1999 -- had just accepted a $285,933 grant from the U.S.
Shark Eats Shark: Australian Researchers Capture Shark Feast Off Great Barrier Reef (PHOTO)
No species seems to be off limits when it comes to sharks and their prey. If that's a tough concept to digest, look no further to this incredible image of a shark devouring another shark. The breathtaking photo captures an opportunistic tasseled wobbegong (Eucrossorhinus dasypogon) munching on a brown-banded bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum), notes the journal Coral Reef.
Honduras Prison Fire: Most Inmates In Deadly Blaze Were Not Convicted, Report Says
COMAYAGUA, Honduras -- The prisoners whose scorched bodies were carried out piece by piece Thursday morning from a charred Honduran prison had been locked inside an overcrowded penitentiary where most inmates had never been charged, let alone convicted, according to an internal Honduran government report obtained by The Associated Press.
On His Blog, 15-Year-Old Jeremy Lin Imitated The Headband Fashions Of NBA Players, Including Derek Fisher And Ben Wallace
linsanity 3:25 PM On His Blog, 15-Year-Old Jeremy Lin Imitated The Headband Fashions Of NBA Players, Including Derek Fisher And Ben Wallace cheerleaders 3:15 PM A Norovirus Outbreak Sickened More Than 200 People At The Washington State Cheerleading Championships nfl 2:50 PM According To New Tapes, Richard Nixon Tried To Screw NFL Fans Forever fans 2:28 PM Digger Phelps Is Tired Of Kentucky Fans' Bullshit; Kentucky Fans Tell Him To Go To Hell tom brady 2:00 PM This Is What Tom Brady Looked Like As The Lion From The Wizard Of Oz In The 8th Grade bill murray 1:34 PM Bill Murray Is Wearing A Ghillie Suit And Punting Footballs At The Pebble Beach Pro-Am Best Videos of the Week 1:15 PM The Best Videos Of The Week boxing 12:40 PM A Chair-Throwing Riot Broke Out After A Boxing Match Last Night In Argentina thierry henry 12:19 PM Thierry Henry Slammed The Door On His Premiership Career With A Match-Winning Goal In Injury Time open thread 12:00 PM Your All-Day College Basketball Open Thread landon donovan 11:52 AM Everton Upsets Chelsea 2-0 Thanks In Part To This Landon Donovan Assist derek holland 11:30 AM AccuWeather Predicts A One Hundred Percent Chance Of Derek Holland World's Largest Breasts Save Drunk Driver's Life clint dempsey 10:44 AM Clint Dempsey Is Still Scoring Goals, And This One Was A Tactical Nuke streakers 10:40 AM Poultry Farmer Drinks 24 Beers, Runs Onto Rugby Pitch In His Underwear, Makes A Tackle
What's America's real crime rate?
Feb 14th 2012, 14:54 by W.W. | IOWA CITY IF YOU start feeling good about America, run don't walk to Adam Gopnik's damning New Yorker feature on the land of the free's penchant for imprisonment: For a great many poor people in America, particularly poor black men, prison is a destination that braids through an ordinary life, much as high school and college do for rich white ones.
Man Spends Time In Jail For Not Having A Dog License
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - A Jefferson County man was held in jail after refusing to get a license for his dog. Now he and his wife are fighting the fine in court. 4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger wanted to know how many others don't have licenses and face the possibility of arrest.