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Highlights YouTube: The battle with TV is already over Man had smoke, rum before nearly drowning Dolphins may concede state dollars crime A judge on Thursday granted a $100,000 bond to the man accused of killing four in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 95 - but Willie Dumel won't be getting out jail anytime soon. Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
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Movie Nation: Movie Preview: "The Tall Man," a kidnapper of kids, and Jessica Biel
Is "The Tall Man" a legend, a ghost, or just another creep who swipes kids? That's what Jessica Biel must find out in this thriller. Looks routine.
Group: Scrabble player booted after being caught cheating at national tournament in Florida
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - One of the top young Scrabble players in the country has been kicked out of the game's national championship tournament in Florida after he was caught hiding blank letter tiles, organizers said Tuesday. John D.
Movie Nation: Questions for David Cronenberg? Asking for help re: Tuesday's interview
David Cronenberg doesn't do things the easy way. His movies are challenging to both those who would finance them and those who go see them. His latest, "Cosmopolis," has maybe 20 production entities listed before the opening credits. The producers spread the risk around.
Movie Nation: Today's screening: "Expendables 2"
"Roid Rage, the movie?" I kid. Wasn't nuts about the original film (hell, if you lived through the '80s and the action films therein, you've seen this. Too many times to count. But "Expendables 2" could be good. I've already seen two very good August movies.
AP News: Fla. Puerto Ricans could play a key election role
FL State Wire LAURA WIDES-MUNOZ Published: 19 minutes ago In this July 5, 2012, photo, retired police officer Hector Rodriquez sits in his office in Kissimmee, Fla. Rodriguez is a self-described fiscal conservative and a military hawk, with one son in the Army and another in the Coast Guard.
Movie Nation: Danny Boyle decks "Dark Knight" -- Olympics sucks all the juice out of the box office
My wife had one last birthday wish for her special day, to see "The Avengers" Friday. So we rounded up the kids and went. "It'll be great," I says. "Last theater in town showing it. But opening night of the Olympics? There'll be no one there."
Movie Nation: Movie Preview: "Bachelorette," or "Who wants to be the bridesmaid movie AFTER 'Bridesmaids'?"
Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, that Rebel Wilson, with James Marsden, Lizzy Caplan...looks a little gonzo and a lot "played." "Bachelorette," more ladies behaving not-at-all-like-ladies, looks late August. As in, they'll roll it out without fanfare and hope for a little luck for this "Bridesmaids" clone.
Movie Nation: "Total Recall" actress has to tell the world "They're not real" -- her three breasts, that is
Shockingly, this didn't start life as a gag entry on The Onion's website. Then again... But there's this whole Internet frenzy over actress Kaitlyn Leeb's prosthetic chest in the "Total Recall" remake. The gorgeous 24-year-old sports three breasts in the movie. Fulfilling some fantasy for the odder corners of fanboydom.
Movie Nation: Box Office: "Dark Knight" drops from $180 estimates to $163
Can we directly attribute the plunge in "Dark Knight Rises" box office take to the Colorado shootings? Probably. The movie did gangbuster business Thursday night, and very good all day Friday. But after a sad day of remembrance and downbeat TV coverage, the wind went right out of the sails of those who were planning on going.
Movie Nation: Movie Preview: "Epic," the next one from Blue Sky
One thing that "Rio" told us (SOME of us, anyway) was that if Blue Sky Studios could ever get past the "Ice Age" rent money movies they've been making for Fox, they might seriously challenge Pixar and Dreamworks and give us a real choice in the sorts of animated movies for kids offered at theaters.
New adventures
I recently turned in my notice at the Orlando Sentinel where I have worked since February of last year as an online producer on the production team.
Movie Nation: Box Office: "Ice Age" does a respectable $45m, "Spider-Man" holds a respectable 56%, "Madagascar" clears $200 million
Fox and Blue Sky were able to wring another $45 million out of the "Ice Age" franchise," suggesting -- STRONGLY -- that this will be the last film in that series. That's big, but nowhere near big enough to cover the film's cost. "Amazing Spider-Man" lost 44% of its audience this weekend from last.
Kenny Roberts (left) and Nobby Clark (second from right) will not be in the AMA Hall of Fame together... along with a lot of supporters. The AMA has not be forthcoming with their reasons for a withdrawing road race mechanic Nobby Clark's induction into the AMA Hall of Fame (and doing it unceremoniously and without explanation only one month after making a big deal about his induction).
Movie Nation: Will Eisner be tapped to direct "Stretch Armstrong"?
Given this project's long, tortured production history, getting then losing the then-hot Taylor Lautner as its star, losing its studio. Given that it's a movie about a toy ("Transformers" and "Battleship" and assorted Barbie direct-to-DVD films being its predecessors), why would anybody want to direct "Stretch Armstrong"?
Movie Nation: Movie Preview: "V/H/S"
A cut-rate horror picture with videotape as its magical agent? A little "Blair Witch," a little "The Ring." With hints of "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer." Looks pretty scary.
A check-in at Jacksonville Powersports
A check-in at Jacksonville Powersports