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Piedmont Driving Club scandal: Golfing naked, public urination by Atlanta's elite
By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 18:31 EST, 10 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:36 EST, 10 June 2012 A secretive high society gentleman's club frequented by Atlanta's most wealthy and prominent people has been thrust into the spotlight after allegations emerged of its elite members golfing naked, urinating in public and committing a host of lewd, drunken behaviors.
Barclays cashes in on apps « National News Blog
Posted by Chris Choi. 16 February, 2012 It's your watch, your diary, your calculator……now your mobile phone is also your wallet. But is it really a good idea to make spending money so easy?Britain's third biggest bank today launches a smart phone app that allows you to transfer money.
China to keep investing in eurozone debt | Reuters
India's headline inflation slowed to its lowest level in more than two years in January as food prices fell, increasing the pressure on the RBI to cut rates to battle the country's economic slowdown. Full Article India probes Google, Yahoo for possible forex violation. Full Article India will never censor social media - Sibal.
KENNETT Altitude watches
There are 7 models to choose from in the range of KENNETT Altitude watches : All models are priced at GBP180 and come in a fantastic presentation box with a 2 year warranty
FBI social network scraping app
26 January 2012 Last updated at 08:46 ET The FBI wants an app to combine information from Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps. The FBI is seeking to develop an early-warning system based on material "scraped" from social networks. It says the application should provide information about possible domestic and global threats superimposed onto maps "using mash-up technology".
FMN » China says Syria stance “open and aboveboard”, will “stand the test of time” – FMN: China’s Breaking News, Economy, Business and Social that matters to you
China's deputy permanent representative to the UN Wang Min, in an address to the UN General Assembly on Monday, called on the international community to play a "positive and constructive role" in the Syria issue, saying that the UN action on Syria "should comply with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter" and the basic norms guiding the international relations.
Health of the economy? « National News Blog
You hardly need open a newspaper or turn on the TV to hear more evidence of the lack of confidence our businesses fear and the concerns of consumers. What is harder to find are concrete ideas to restore the economy to anything like normality.
Gary Dobson and David Norris to appeal against their convictions « National News Blog
Posted by Jon Clements. 30 January, 2012 Stephen Lawrence's murderers Gary Dobson and David Norris are to appeal against their convictions for stabbing the black teenager to death, it has emerged. Dobson has lodged papers at the Court of Appeal arguing that the trial which saw him found guilty of murdering Stephen in 1993 was unfair.
Good news from the long, dark tunnel of fiscal tightening « National News Blog
It's time for a bit of good news, wouldn't you agree? The British economy will emerge from its current gloom by the second half of the year; UK businesses are sitting on enough cash to start investing once confidence returns - speeding up the recovery; and the government is on track to beat its targets to balance the country's books.
Wading through the snow (and snow similes) so you don’t have to « National News Blog
Posted by Richard Edgar. 24 January, 2012 Like the countless snowflakes falling on Davos this morning are the world's political, financial and business elites descending on the World Economic Forum. And that, I promise, is my last snow-related simile this week from the Swiss resort, high up in the Alps.
Sir Fred becomes Mr Goodwin « National News Blog
Posted by Lucy Manning. 31 January, 2012 So Sir Fred Goodwin looks like he will soon be plain Mr Goodwin. The Honours Forfeiture Committee has now made it's recommendation on what should happen to the knighthood he was awarded. That recommendation now goes to the Prime Minister, and then to Queen.
The (Greek) Elephant in the Room. « National News Blog
Posted by James Mates. 29 January, 2012 It is the one subject we are told the leaders will not discuss at their ‘informal' Brussels summit on Monday. It is almost the only subject that anyone else is talking about: Greece.
A Tale of Two Conflicts « National News Blog
Posted by Tom Bradby. 1 February, 2012 It is interesting watching PMQs at the moment because it is like observing two opposing generals trying to fight entirely separate battles. Some of Cameron's lines are starting to sound frankly tired, but he is at his sharpest on the subject of welfare reform.
David Cameron’s catchy new slogan « National News Blog
The Prime Minister is very keen on saying how the UK government "is dealing with its debts and deficits" whenever he's asked about borrowing and the sovereign debt crisis. Today's figures from the Office for National Statistics show that he is only half right.
Prince William flies into a storm « National News Blog
Posted by Bill Neely. 30 January, 2012 By the standards of any service family, the military careers of Britain's two Royal brothers, William and Harry, have progressed far beyond the merely symbolic or ceremonial and are now becoming extraordinary. Just after he left Afghanistan, Prince Harry's comrades told me of his work as a forward air controller in Helmand Province.
Fred the Shred « National News Blog
Posted by Lucy Manning. 31 January, 2012 Sir Fred Goodwin is now just plain Mr Goodwin. Sir Fred has seen his knighthood shredded. RBS the bank he ran is now the bank we run. It's very rare for an honour to be taken away but the decision was that he didn't deserve the title.
National News - ITV News
Defying the video evidence and much of the world, a member of the Syrian regime has told ITV News its is "absolutely not"… Europe has given Greece until Wednesday to convince sceptical international creditors that it would stick to the punishing… The world of music paid an emotional tribute to Whitney Houston at the Grammy Awards last night, opening the show with a… Rangers Football Club has signalled it is about to call in the administrators.
A PRESIDENT IN DENIAL « National News Blog
Posted by Bill Neely. 7 December, 2011 Leaders often delude themselves. Or,slowly deprived of fresh air inside the bubble of power,they lose the sharp snap of outside opinion and lose touch with reality.Many are so surrounded by advisors,admirers,sycophants or courtiers that they have no idea how they're seen by the outside world.
National News - ITV News
10.56PM Sat Dec 10 2011 The UN climate change conference in South Africa is still deadlocked and appears close to disarray. Talks look set to continue through the night and into a second, extra day tomorrow, after delegates failed to reach agreement on how to tackle global warming when the current Kyoto deal expires.