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Ladies? What can Obamacare do for you?
Why, here's a handy-dandy list! And you're welcome.
A better world with -- or without -- religion?
The country's framers were capable of much subtlety when it came to addressing religious freedom. Read what Michael Meyerson says at Huffington Post: The framers saw religion as both a force for magnificent good and unspeakable evil.
Day Twenty-Nine (pursuit of happiness).
Posted on July 4th, 2012 It is pretty much inevitable that you will have a wedding at least one weekend during the summer you are studying for the bar exam. Ours was last weekend. Ours was just brilliant. My childhood best friend, Scottie, married his love, Tim, this past Saturday.
Things you canNOT make up
This ad appeared on my Facebook page last night, like a message from God: Christian Flip-Flops! With a cross on the sole so you can stamp crosses in the sand! Just like Jesus probably wore! Get yours now for just $18.99!
Waterford Speedbowl
SpeedBowl News Waterford Speedbowl Wild 'n Wacky Wednesdays 6/27 Results June 29, 2012 HDRA News & Notes June 25, 2012 Waterford Speedbowl 6/23 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Results June 23, 2012 Speedbowl and Mr. Rooter partner with The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Saturday June 21, 2012 Waterford Speedbowl
Residential Construction in Connecticut Picking Up A Bit of Momentum | Real Estate
Residential construction in Connecticut jumped in May, already putting the state on a pace to well surpass last year's dismally slow home building activity, a new report today shows. Residential building permits issued by the 128 towns and cities tracked monthly by the U.S.
Governor Announces Grants For Public Housing Rehabs | Real Estate
Seven state-funded public housing projects around the state will share in $10 million from an expanded state program that seeks to increase and revitalize affordable housing. The projects in today's announcement target rehabilitation and redevelopment of existing properties.
A Faithful Budget
I wish Nuns on the Bus would come to Connecticut. If they did, I would go throw flowers. Take a look at the Faithful Budget, an answer to Rep. Paul Ryan's faithless one. I stand with Sis. Simone Campbell (no ... Continue reading →
Hispanics hold key to swing states in presidential election | McClatchy
Hispanic voters are poised this year to be the swing votes for president in many of the nation’s swing states. They’re expected to vote in big numbers again for President Barack Obama, and their numbers are growing. In Colorado, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, they very well could determine whether Obama wins another term or is succeeded by Republican Mitt Romney.
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And you? Are an insufferable twit.
Sorry. Just trying out my new, uncivil persona. I had a moment driving home from the grocery store today. A small school bus was pulled onto the sidewalk, with its stop sign out and its red lights flashing, and there was a line of cars forming on either side.
If you could sit by any one in heaven...
(or hell, or the Great Beyond, or anywhere else if you happen to believe in an afterlife), who would that be? I'd pick Gandhi, probably. Will Rogers. My Grandma Marrs - and, if it wasn't too uncomfortable for everyone, my Grandpa Marrs' first wife, Jerusha, because even though I'm not related to her, she sounds like she was a really interesting woman.
The Granite Stripe: BUMP STOPS: First Time, Fine Time And Fun Times
It's Friday again. Time to take the ol' Mini Stock out of the garage and dust it off for a test spin around the cul-de-sac at the end of the street... A LOT HAD been written and said about Corey LaJoie, the third-generation driver on the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East.
Columnists item
Before everyone starts freaking about David Wright playing third base for the Braves in the not-too-distant future, let's get a few things straight: 1. Wright is still under the Mets control at the end of this season. 2. The Mets hold a very team-friendly $16-million option on Wright for 2013.
Tampa Bay, Florida news | Tampa Bay Times/St. Pete Times
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