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Geneva banker charged with theft, forgery, financial exploitation of elderly man
A St. Charles woman has been charged with financially exploiting an elderly person, forgery and theft. According to a complaint filed in Kane County circuit court, Lynn A. Pranga, while in a position of trust and confidence, financially exploited an 81-year-old man by knowingly obtaining control over more than $5,000 of his money.
Kane County Board tries different approach to term lengths
Kane County officials determined Tuesday which county board seats on the November ballot will be for 2-year terms and which will be 4-year terms. But in doing so, officials also learned they may have broken the law the last time redistricting of the board occurred 10 years ago.
Szechwan Restaurant rising from building near-collapse
Article posted: 7/7/2012 8:00 AM Nancy Chen misses her regulars. Never did she think she would go almost a year without serving those patrons, who have become her friends, their favorite Mandarin, Cantonese and Szechwan dishes. That's why she is more excited every day that the reopening of her downtown St.
Fireworks shows in St. Charles and Batavia will go on
The weekend deluge wasn't all bad. The grounds in local parks are much more green and moist now, allowing Fourth of July fireworks displays to proceed. St. Charles officials debated canning the show last week because dry conditions could have been a fire hazard.
Fermilab helps find evidence of 'God particle'
Scientists believe the "God particle" that might explain the underpinnings of the universe is real, and they are about to present their evidence to the world. Fermilab in Batavia presented its final data on the subject Monday.
Aurora woman admits to lying for food stamps
A 58-year-old Aurora woman has pleaded guilty to illegally collecting food stamps and medical benefits by claiming her grandchildren as dependents. Jurline Price, of the 2000 block of Fox Pointe Drive, was charged with lying on applications to the Illinois Department of Human Services by noting that her two grandchildren were dependents who lived with her.
Cha-Ching! 30-Year Search Yields Enormous Cache of Ancient Celtic Gold & Silver Coins | 80beats | Discover Magazine
This might look like a lot of old coins, but they come from a trove 35 times smaller than the most recent find. Uncovering ancient buried treasure doesn't require the skills to interpret a secret map or navigate a booby-trapped cave.
Dale Sveum was skipped over by Red Sox
"Maybe I don't have enough etiquette,'' Sveum said Friday afternoon, as he spit into his big red cup after his Cubs waxed the Red Sox, 3-0, at Wrigley Field. "I definitely don't have the best etiquette in the world.'' Sveum was Cherington's guy. He interviewed for the Red Sox vacancy at Fenway Nov.
False attorney dispute escalates for Carpentersville man
A dispute between a Carpentersville man who was slapped with an injunction for impersonating a lawyer has escalated. Robert Sperlazzo, 62, faces contempt of court charges and possible jail time. Sperlazzo countersued attorneys and judges, but failed to show up for numerous court appearances.
15-year-olds charged in Elgin murder
Two 15-year-olds have been charged with first degree murder in connection to a gang related shooting that killed a 16-year-old Elgin teen. The teens are accused of killing Nestor A. Alvarado, who was found with a single gunshot wound to the chest Thursday night in Elgin.
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End of school means days of hunger for some local kids
Data from a report released by the Northern Illinois Food Bank shows thousands of local kids are going hungry on a daily basis. Each of the collar counties averages about 20 percent of their youth population who do not have access to enough nutritious food to grow and develop.
Elgin bar receives suspension
La Quebrada Restaurant in Elgin has been fined $2,000 and given a 30-day liquor license suspension for selling liquor to minors and allowing drug sales on the property. One more misstep and it loses its license entirely. That's not enough, though, for Councilman John Prigge, who said it should be stripped of its license now.
Illinois House passes gambling bill with more casinos, slots at racetracks
The Illinois House approved a sweeping gambling expansion plan Wednesday, renewing an effort to build new casinos and put slot machines at Arlington Park that has stalled since last year. The plan would allow for 1,200 slot machines at the Arlington Heights track, as well as new casinos in Lake County, Chicago, the south suburbs, Rockford and downstate Danville.
Gay rights in the US, state by state
Gay rights laws in America have evolved to allow - but in some cases ban - rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people on a range of issues, including marriage, hospital visitation, adoption, housing, employment and school bullying. The handling of gay rights issues vary by state and follow trends by region.
St. Charles pilot who helped save 184 dies of cancer
The world remembers him for his courage in the face of death as United Flight 232 plunged to the ground in Iowa, but Denny Fitch's family remembers the former pilot's love and compassion. Fitch, of St. Charles, who helped save 184 people aboard the doomed airplane, died Monday.
Ex-Kane County election director wants restitution case dismissed
Should David Bruun, a disbarred attorney who was convicted of stealing from an disabled man's trust, be held in contempt of court for failing to make restitution payments for several years? A judge was ready to consider that question Wednesday until Bruun filed two last-minute motions to dismiss the case.
Ready for the Fight: Rolling Stone Interview with Barack Obama | Politics News | Rolling Stone
Mark Seliger for We arrived at the White House on Easter Monday, the South Lawn overrun by children and their parents enjoying the annual Easter Egg Roll. This was the fourth time in the past four years that we had sat down for an extensive interview with Barack Obama, but the tenor and timing were markedly different than the previous conversations.