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Angela Merkel’s hand-picked choice for the ceremonial post of president resigned on Friday in a scandal over political favors, dealing a blow to the German chancellor. First Read: A national debate over contraception and social issues could backfire on Republicans in the general election.

Introducing our new Android and Kindle Fire app

We’ve received many requests for an updated version of the free BreakingNews Android app, we’re happy to announce it’s now live in both the Android Market and Amazon Appstore. This is a big update: we’ve added customized feeds, real-time mapping, a cleaner display, and it’s now optimized for the Kindle Fire, to boot. In short, it’s the fastest way to discover breaking news as it happens, wherever you are.

The nerdiest lovers’ spat Twitter has ever seen

Under normal circumstances, those who witness a lovers’ spat are often left feeling awkward and as if they intruded on an incredibly private moment. But somehow everything changes once Twitter gets involved – especially if the bickering parties are the grammar gods behind the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and their counterparts, the funny bunch who runs the @FakeAPStylebook parody Twitter account.

Director of Finance – Magnet Media, Inc. – Job Board

A fast paced, fast growing, established creative digital media company seeks full time Financial Analyst who is detail oriented, a strategic thinker, has a great attitude and is seeking a long-term position with growth potential.

Auspicious C-sections

Feb 15th 2012, 18:09 by A.A. | HYDERABAD SAHANA has just celebrated her first birthday. She was born on February 4th, 2011, at 1.45pm. But it was not fate that brought her into the world at that precise moment. Rather, the time was calculated by a Hindu priest a month in advance.

Pregnancy bias is alive and well in America

It’s hard to imagine we still have to tell employers this today, but here goes: Pregnancy discrimination is illegal. While it may sound obvious to some, blatant pregnancy bias is still alive and well in the workplace. A pregnant woman who applied for a job at a Subway franchise in Phoenix was told by a manager “we can’t hire you because you’re pregnant.”

Whitney Houston’s death drives mobile visits

Whitney Houston’s death Saturday night took many people by surprise. Unlike other recent high-profile deaths, like those of Steve Jobs and Etta James, this news seemed to come from out of the blue. AP was the first traditional organization to publish an alert with the news that night, and our editors quickly pushed their report out to our mobile users and across BreakingNews’ social channels.

St. Louis Beacon – How Whitney Houston proved that we are smarter than the machines

As Facebook users have noticed, the newsfeed (main page where you view your connection’s updates and posts) has begun to group posts by topic. So, on Superbowl night, you would see “29 of your friends posted about the Superbowl” and it would show you the first few, then an option to “see all 29 posts”).

ATD and Mashable Sitting in a Tree: The Best Merger Memo I’ve Nabbed All Year

February 14, 2012 at 6:00 am PT While is known for scooping various and sundry internal memos from Internet giants, this is perhaps the most pleasing to post. It’s a graphic visualization that our social media editor Drake Martinet did for his beloved, Stacy Green, who is the VP of marketing and communications over at Mashable.

Happy V-Day: Valentines for Journalists – 10,000 Words

By admin on February 12, 2009 10:07 AM Journalists need love too! Tell your journo sweetheart how you feel with the following Valentine’s Day cards. Right click images to download; feel free to share or send to your valentine.

Looking To Hire And Keep Great Innovators? Focus On The 3 R’s

The following is an excerpt from Relentless Innovation: What Works, What Doesn’t–and What That Means for Your Business by Jeffrey Phillips. Innovation relies on people more than other processes. This reliance on employees, management, and executives in an organization requires that the “right” people are attracted, and then given the appropriate tools and techniques for a sustained innovation success.

Schools chief announces entire Miramonte staff to be replaced

Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy told parents Monday evening that the district is replacing the entire staff of Miramonte Elementary School in the wake of the arrests last week of two teachers on lewd conduct charges. The unprecedented move is intended to build confidence among the many families who have lost faith in their neighborhood elementary school.

Hopes are bright for Wednesday morning’s Quadrantids meteor show

Quadrantids meteor shower: If you stay up late tonight — or get up really early tomorrow morning — there’s a good chance you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular light show up in the sky. The Quadrantids meteor shower is expected to be visible from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. local time.

Snow wimps: Seattle is shut down by first real snow of the season

Color Seattle clueless. The city has always marched unarmed into its infrequent battles with snow, and Wednesday’s snowstorm was no exception. It is a city of formidable hills and politically correct small cars, many of which spent the morning sliding ineffectually around places such as Queen Anne Hill and Capitol Hill.

Court to decide if Occupy Seattle needs to find a new home

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 9:05 PM Updated Thursday, Dec 1 at 9:55 PM SEATTLE — Occupy Seattle protesters may soon need to pack up their tents and find a new place to stage their demonstration. A court hearing takes place Friday on an injunction over Seattle Central Community College’s (SCCC) attempt to evict the protesters.

King County To Enact $20 Car Tab Surcharge, Ax Ride-Free Zone

The King County Council is expected to bypass a public vote and enact a $20 surcharge on top of existing car tab fees to help fill a budget hole for King County Metro Transit. The council also plans to eliminate the downtown Seattle ride-free zone for Metro riders.

5 tips to grow your Facebook page from scratch

We’ve passed a big milestone over on Breaking News’ Facebook page: 100,000 likes! True, this is a pretty modest Facebook audience compared to many other major brands. But unlike some of those brands, Breaking News is still a relatively new entity in the news ecosystem. We launched our Facebook page on June 11, 2010.

How Google beat AP with Iowa caucus results (and why it matters) | Poynter.

WNYC’s John Keefe decided to use Google’s election results for his map tracking the results of Iowa’s GOP caucus for three reasons: Tuesday night, he also learned that Google was faster.

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