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TV Network for Primetime, Daytime and Late Night Television Shows - NBC Official Site
Official NBC site for primetime, daytime and late night television shows. Television (TV) network includes soap opera, reality shows and more. Find additional information on the official NBC TV site.
Baseball's Long, Hot Summer
Negotiations for Major League Baseball's national TV rights deals are likely to be the knottiest in sports media history, as fundamental pricing agreements will be complicated by a host of thorny issues. Renewed interest from a former network partner and a bifurcated linear/digital rights structure could keep baseball at the table throughout the summer.
5 TechStars Startups the Ad World Should Know About
Venture accelerator TechStars NYC hosted a demo day for its spring 2012 class of startups on Thursday (June 14) morning. The event was primarily a showcase for tech investors, but since the program's based in the advertising capital of the world, it's no surprise that a number of the fledgling companies are right up Madison Avenue's alley.
Sorrell tells critics his pay is backed by performance - Telegraph
The long-standing WPP chief, who reported a near-20pc rise in pre-tax profits to £1bn last year, said he found the controversy over his £6.8m pay package "deeply disturbing". "The compensation debate in the UK now seems to have shifted, from undeserving bankers paid for failure and from payment for performance, to what is fair pay," he wrote in a article for the Financial Times.
Ad of the Day: Chevrolet
Hi, night-swimming millennials. Chevrolet wants you to know the Sonic is the car for you. A new spot from the General Motors brand and director Jason Reitman features a gang of age-ambiguous young couples-are they teens? twentysomethings?-arriving in their ride at some middle-of-nowhere lake, where they strip to their skivvies and dash into the water.
'Atlantic,' 'Economist' Duke It Out for Elites
When Atlantic Media nabbed a journalist from The Economist for its new digital business news brand, Quartz, the poach had broader significance. With the launch, Atlantic Media is opening up a second front in its battle with the Economist Group.
Santorum Backer Friess: ‘Gals’ Used To Put Aspirin Between Their Knees For Contraception
Kyle Leighton February 16, 2012, 1:36 PM This whole contraception debate is just so new-fangled, says billionaire investor and mega-funder to the super PAC supporting former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) for President, Foster Friess. In his day, there were easier ways to deal with female sexual desire.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Joins Pinterest
A good leader keeps tabs on the competition, which was likely the goal of Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg when he established a profile on surging social network Pinterest. To date, there has not been much activity on Zuckerberg's Pinterest profile: three pins, one like, 1,176 followers, and he is following 125 Pinterest users.
All Web Developers Should Stop Doing This Immediately
You know those annoying interstitial ads that you see when you go to a site on an iPad, and all they say is, "Download the X app here". Well, in an effort to force change, I'm advertising this part...
Forcing Ourselves Out of the EchoChamber: PandoDaily Is Hitting the Road
If you've read anything I've written the past two years, you know I'm a big believer that Silicon Valley's greatest product export has been its startup culture. As a result, great ideas are increasingly popping up in uncommon places.
Your Address Book Isn’t Yours
When this whole Address Book uploading fiasco blew up right in the middle of my post-TechCrunch time off, I figured things would have mostly blown over by the time I returned to my desk. Seems that's not the case.
FEATURE: Man vs. Fashion Week - WWW.THEDAILY.COM
I am a guy who lives in New York. I have never attended a runway show before. The closest I've come to participating in New York Fashion Week is one night where I heard there were free tacos on Bond Street. And there were - in addition to people wearing leather slacks.
Winning a Grammy Is All the Excuse Chris Brown Needs to Continue Being Chris Brown
Winning a Grammy Is All the Excuse Chris Brown Needs to Continue Being Chris Brown By Amos Barshad on February 15, 2012 1:15 PM ET Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesIt was a big weekend for Chris Brown. On Sunday, his unofficial Grammy ban was lifted, and he returned to the show for the first time in three years.
Earnings: Comcast up overall while NBCUniversal takes a hit on broadcast | Adweek
In a season in which NBC has a shaky grasp on third place—only the Super Bowl is saving the network from an ignominious spot at the bottom of the heap—and is in desperate need of a hit, Steve Burke picked a bad time to drop his guard.
Zynga Addresses ‘Issues With Mark as a Person’ in First Ever Earnings Call
Do not call it "gaming." Zynga is a "play" company, even if it's leader is a less than playful dude. On their first ever quarterly earnings call, Zynga's executives, including Ceo Mark Pincus, were asked to "talk about Mark as a person."
5 Romantic Ads for Valentine's Day That Aren't Too Sappy | Adweek
Most love-themed commercials at this time of year pour on the treacle so heavily, they're more sickly than sweet. Here are five exceptions-romantic ads that actually won't make you feel ill. Happy Valentine's Day! Bonus spot: Not an ad, but still a lovely production-the Mac-based anniversary stunt that Lowe Roche art director Sean Ohlenkamp put together for his wife last year.
Ad of the Day: Kraft MilkBite Bars | Adweek
Everyone likes talking-food mascots-they're so full of joy and spirit and love for life. But as it turns out, they're still quite likable when they're full of worry, angst and existential dread. That's the case with Mel the MilkBite, the postmodern brand mascot created by Droga5 for Kraft's new MilkBite Milk & Granola Bars.
Hearst to Link Digital Editions With Amazon | Adweek
Magazines have been increasingly blurring the line between editorial and commerce, lending their names to products and shopping sites. Now, computer tablets and e-readers are making it more tempting to bridge that gap. So far, efforts have largely been one-offs, with a few magazines like People and Wired letting readers tap on their digital editions to buy certain products through iTunes and Amazon.
Tech The Halls | Horn Group 's Fundraiser on Crowdrise
We’re bringing together the biggest names in tech media for a nationwide fundraising campaign/interactive listening party on – all for an amazing cause, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). It's a fundraising, music and tech mashup. It's Tech the Halls, and this is your official invite!