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Zynga | Connecting the World Through Games
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A Sad State of Internet Affairs: The Journal on Google, Apple, and “Privacy” | John Battelle's Search Blog
The news alert from the Wall St. Journal hit my phone about an hour ago, pulling me away from tasting "Texas Bourbon" in San Antonio to sit down and grok this headline: Google's iPhone Tracking. Now, the headline certainly is attention-grabbing, but the news alert email had a more sinister headline: "Google Circumvented Web-Privacy Safeguards."
Knowledge@Wharton Today | How India’s Liberalization Shaped a Generation of Entrepreneurs
Since India began liberalizing its economy in 1991, entrepreneurship in the country has been on the upswing. Some of the most respected companies in the business community today are considered children of liberalization. Take information technology firm Infosys: In the first decade of its existence, from 1981 to 1991, Infosys grew to less than $5 million.
Cupertino’s photocopiers are hard at work
As you probably already know, Apple announced its plans for a new version of OS X today. It includes an anti-malware feature called Gatekeeper. I notice they left one gate wide open.
You shouldn’t lie to David Carr and NYT | JIMROMENESKO.COM
You shouldn't lie to David Carr and NYT The passage on the right is from and Amy Chozick and David Carr's New York Times story on the Philadelphia newspapers saga.
In Philadelphia, Papers’ Editorial Independence at Issue
Over three hours, he told them he would be overseeing all articles related to the newspapers' impending sale. If any articles ran without his approval, the editors would be fired, according to several editors and reporters briefed on the meeting who did not want to be identified criticizing the company's leadership.
Dear Developer, excuse me while I slap you silly
Today I'm going to abandon my usual balanced friendly analysis approach and play devil's advocate, because I think there is an audience that needs a wakeup call. No it's not developers of consumer apps, I think they've already gotten it.
Mass Layoffs Imminent at Inquirer, Daily News?
This afternoon at 4 p.m., members of the Newspaper Guild labor union will meet with Philadelphia Media Network, the company that owns the Inquirer, Daily News, and, at least until Ed Rendell takes over.
Oral question with debate - Extra-territorial impact of third-country legislation and EU data protection laws - O-000315/2011
Third-country legislation may have extra-territorial impact directly affecting companies and citizens within EU territory. Such legislation may clash with EU legislation, for example on data protection. Thus, the Medicare Act, FATCA, FISA and the Patriot Act require the submission of personal data stored in Europe to the US authorities: 1.
FJP: 200 Words Or Less #whyJournalism
A Tumblr asked the Future Journalism Project why we became journalists. We thought it would be more interesting to ask others. So we ask you. Thank you for your time, insight and willingness to participate. Note that most answers along with who wrote them will be published on our blog.
Man falls ill eating Heart Attack Grill burger
Originally published February 15, 2012 at 8:39 AM | Page modified February 15, 2012 at 12:21 PM Laughing tourists were either cynical or confused about whether a man was really suffering a medical episode amid the "doctor," "nurses" and health warnings at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, a restaurant owner said Wednesday.
Suspicious package at Chicago's Field Museum ended up being a container of beans, authorities say - @ChicagoBreaking
Suspicious package at Chicago's Field Museum ended up being a container of beans, authorities say - @ChicagoBreaking Woman in 50s killed when Metra work train strikes vehicle outside Chicago - Tribune Public memorial for 'Soul Train' creator Don Cornelius will be held today in Chicago - @NBCChicago Attorney: Chicago taxi driver accused of attempting to send funds to al-Qaida will change his plea to guilty - @AP Illinois governor signs law allowing Chicago mayor to use red light cameras, fine speeding drivers - @ChicagoBreaking Several injured in Chicago building collapse - Sun-Times
The Old Person's Guide to Skrillex
What's that awful sound spewing from little Johnny's earbuds? If Johnny is from the age of 14-23, it's probably Skrillex. Come, old person, now that you know about Justin Bieber and "Swag" it's time to learn about the insanely popular DJ your tween offspring is currently necking to in the back of...
20 Cats As Fonts
Nicolas Cage And Nicolas Cage Appear Together On SNL Martha Stewart's Dog Had Dinner At The Plaza Last Night Deadmau5 Pranks Skrillex By Wearing His Cellphone Number … 25 People Who Think Whitney Houston Was Stung To Death By… Basically Everything You Need To Know About The 2012 Gram… 20 People Who Think Oprah Is Whitney Houston 20 Cats As Fonts Here are 20 fonts and the cats that clearly inspired them.
ATD and Mashable Sitting in a Tree: The Best Merger Memo I’ve Nabbed All Year
February 14, 2012 at 6:00 am PT While is known for scooping various and sundry internal memos from Internet giants, this is perhaps the most pleasing to post. It's a graphic visualization that our social media editor Drake Martinet did for his beloved, Stacy Green, who is the VP of marketing and communications over at Mashable.
Hasbro making games based on Zynga (Farmville) | Dice Tower News
Posted by: Tom on February 12, 2012. Another announcement that I'm not suprised at all about, especially the popularity of these games. Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) and Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) announced today a comprehensive partnership that grants Hasbro the rights to develop a wide range of toy and gaming experiences based across Zynga's popular social games and brands.
Announcing Reduced Pricing on SQL Azure and New 100MB Database Option - Windows Azure - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
To meet evolving customer needs across both ends of the database size spectrum, we are lowering the price of SQL Azure and introducing a 100MB database option. Customers will realize 48% to 75% savings for databases larger than 1GB.