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Bendtner underpants stunt probe
Last updated at 12:57 GMT Nicklas Bendtner could be punished by Uefa after celebrating a goal by revealing the logo of a betting company on his underpants. The Denmark striker scored twice against Portugal, but could not prevent his team slipping to a 3-2 defeat.
Euro 2012 live blog: 11 June
Morning all! Sleep well? Me? Like a log, thanks. Though, as ever, not for long enough. But then, who could sleep when today's offerings from Poland and Ukraine are so mouthwatering? First up at 5pm is Engla ... oh. But then at least there's Ukrai ... ah. But seriously.
Even cavemen used social networks! Bronze age tribes used granite rocks as prehistoric version of Facebook
Rock art found in Russia and Sweden suggests prehistoric people used to communicate with one another By Chris Richards PUBLISHED: 11:06 EST, 20 May 2012 | UPDATED: 11:13 EST, 21 May 2012 Cambridge boffins are studying a 'prehistoric version of Facebook' to gain a unique insight into the daily lives of our ancestors.
Passing the Mic: What Adam Yauch Meant to a Generation
To a certain generation of people, the Beastie Boys were as monumental and important as the Beatles, as groundbreaking, as formative, as sweeping and meaningful in their celebrity but also in their music, always the music.
Public Lecture by Jarvis Cocker
Jarvis Cocker, visiting artist in photography
At The Drive-In play first show in 11 years
Chaotic scenes as hardcore heroes kick-off Texas tour with tiny Austin show Legendary emotional hardcore band At The Drive-In played their first show in 11 years in Texas last night (April 9). The intimate Red 7 venue in Austin was packed to capacity with young Texans.
Your questions for Rob Schneider
From "Saturday Night Live," to "Deuce Bigalow," to even "Home Alone 2," Rob Schneider has appeared in over 60 films and TV series over the past 20-plus years, probably most famous for his various roles in the popular Adam Sandler movies.
Random Sundance Diary: Final Day
Sunday was a painfully beautiful day for a hung-over walk in Park City. Set in a bed of flawless blue, the sun refracted joyfully off slopes washed white by fresh snowfall and volunteers in neon safety vests, shoveling out paths for fest goers.
The SAGs and DGA Prove Harvey Weinstein's Behind-the-Scenes Genius
Honestly, with the snubbing of Albert Brooks and Tilda Swinton for two of 2011's most exciting films -- Drive and We Need To Talk About Kevin -- it's hard to get excited about the Oscars this year.
Rooney Mara Covers Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue, Talks David Fincher
Rooney Mara underwent a dramatic transformation to take on her dark role in David Fincher's "Girl With The Dragon Tatoo," and now she's channelling the 1920s on the new cover of Vanity Fair. The actress shares the annual "Hollywood Issue" cover with other fresh-faced actresses including Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Olsen, Adepero Oduye, Shailene Woodley, Paula Patton, Felicity Jones, Lily Collins and Brit Marling.
NASA Visualization Shows Global Temperature Changes (VIDEO)
Where did 2011 stand in comparison to global temperatures from past years? NASA recently released a visualization that depicts global temperature changes since 1880. Although nine of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000, 2011 was only the ninth warmest year on record, according to NASA.
Totally Random Sundance Diary: Day 2
I admit, my completely unplanned Sundance excursion gave me pause: would the catchy notion of letting the universe dictate my snowy path through Park City be just that, a catchy notion? Driving to the airport, I realized I didn't even have a deck of cards to play solitaire with alone in my hotel room.
The Facebook IPO: billion-user ambition at a $100bn price
Mark Zuckerberg's phenomenally successful enterprise - in effect, a wholly-owned internet - now faces hard business facts All right, maybe the great recession and near financial apocalypse can compete for significance on a world-historical basis over the last few years with the rise of Facebook.
The Man Who Shot Santa Claus by Jim Windolf
Once I was a skinny reporter-in-training. I smoked cigarettes. I wore smudged glasses. I got my breakfast from a street cart. When I wasn't in the newsroom, I was either drunk at the Film Center Café on Ninth Avenue or asleep in a $90-per-month apartment in Union City, New Jersey.
Book Review: We’re with Nobody by Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian - BusinessWeek
text size: T T The Stack January 26, 2012, 7:00 PM EST Authors Huffman and Rejebian, longtime Democratic oppo men, argue that they and their colleagues "are on the side of truth" Illustration by John Ritter We're with Nobody:Two Insiders Revealthe Dark Side of American PoliticsBy Alan Huffman and Michael RejebianHarper Collins; 208pp; $15.99 This much is obvious: Figures such as Gennifer Flowers, Willie Horton, Sharon Bialek, and all manner (and gender) of congressional pages do not make their way onto the national stage fueled by a sense of justice or a love of democracy.
Pass notes, No 3,115: Brooklyn
Some residents of the New York borough are to heat their houses with their own poo Meaning what, exactly? Hordes of hat-wearing poseurs raiding racks of clothes at 5th Ave thrift stores - and wood-walled coffee places where would-be intellectuals chatter over piped-in Iron and Wine. Although admittedly, that's mostly Williamsburg.
The Seven Hottest (and Seven Not-est) New Cars at the Detroit Auto Show
The North American International Auto Show completed its banner run in Detroit yesterday, breaking attendance records and generally lifting the spirit of its host city. But while most automotive journalists focused on all the attractive new sheet metal that was revealed-and there was, indeed, a lineup of lookers-our grousing eye discovered that, to paraphrase Newton, for every four-wheeled fox there was an equal and opposite vehicular dud.
Some of Saab saved – museum to stay in Sweden | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts
In the end, it only took $4.14 million (28 million kroner) to save the Saab museum from being broken up. According to a story in Sveriges Radio AB, as reported by Saabs United, more than 500 bids were placed for the museum liquidation.
KCD Is Hiring A Digital Coordinator in NY!
KCD is the leading fashion Public Relations and Production agency worldwide. With international offices in New York and Paris, the agency has set standards for more than 25 years with its highly strategic and creative programs and ongoing projects for established and new brands. KCD Digital, the agency’s newest division created in December 2010, applies [...]