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56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest | Copyblogger
In case you've been living in a mountain cave in Bhutan for the past couple of months, Pinterest is a relatively new social networking site that allows users to create online image collages, then quickly and easily share those collages - called "pinboards" - with other Pinterest users.
How The Rio+20 Text Could Have Been Stronger
by Adam James, Andrew Light, and Gwynne Taraska The final draft text of the Rio+20 Earth Summit agreed on today has disappointed many delegates and activists around the world. Other than the Brazilian chair of the meeting, no one seems to be strongly defending the document.
Nature News Blog: Japanese science ministry takes partial blame for tsunami and meltdown : Nature News Blog
Japan's ministry of science and education was supposed to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first annual White Paper on Science and Technology with the 2011 edition. Instead of a long spread of great achievements by Japanese scientists over the past five decades, however, the document, which was approved by the government yesterday, became the latest mea culpa for the poor handling of last March's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.
Watch Rio+20 Earth Summit Live (VIDEO)
While a significant portion of the discussions and negotiations at the Rio+20 Earth Summit will happen behind closed doors, the opening plenary is happening now and is being streamed live by United Nations TV. Click play on the video above to watch live. Follow our Rio+20 page for all of TreeHugger's ongoing coverage.
No More Handouts to Big Oil
Bill McKibben's five rules of the road for reforming fossil fuel subsidies. Along with "fivedollaragallongas," the energy watchword for the next few months is: "subsidies." Last week, for instance, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez proposed ending some of the billions of dollars in handouts enjoyed by the fossil-fuel industry with a "Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act."
Yale Environment 360: Online Twitter Campaign Urges End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies
18 Jun 2012: Online Twitter Campaign Urges End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies A global coalition of activists today launched a 24-hour campaign on the social media network Twitter to pressure global leaders attending the Rio+20 summit to slash fossil fuel subsidies. Beginning at 8 a.m.
Why Yahoo Mail Users Spend More On Electricity Than Gmail Users
Strange but true: If you use Yahoo for your email, you consume 11% more electricity each year than Gmail users. That's 939 kilowatt-hours, or about $110 worth of power--almost a month's worth of extra energy. The news comes from Opower, an energy information software company that partners with utilities.
No, War Is Not Inevitable | Human Evolution | DISCOVER Magazine
This piece is a response to Edward O. Wilson's argument that war is an unavoidable part of humanity's evolutionary heritage. ThiChimp image via Shutterstock There is no scientist whom I admire more than Edward O. Wilson.
MacBook Pro with Retina Display Teardown
This is it: The Chosen One of MacBook Pros. While other MBPs were gifted only the standard annual updates, this particular model was bestowed with a Retina display, a thinner profile, two Thunderbolt ports, a full sized HDMI port, and less annoying cooling fans. Apple claims that this is the "best computer Apple has ever made."
5 Things India Can Teach Us About Green Business & Sustainability
Adam Werbach's recent talk at Sustainable Brands is, intentionally or not, a collection of green sutras that we ought to apply to our own lives, our communities, our businesses, our government.
Hume: London Mayor Boris Johnson says bikes civilize cities
Boris Johnson, mayor of London, England, pauses for a portrait in Toronto. Johnson is touring North America with his new book, Johnson's Life of London. TARA WALTON/TORONTO STAR The Mayor of London, England, Boris Johnson, wants to make it clear that until Friday morning, he had never been to Toronto, and never heard of Rob Ford.
Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Confident Germany Won't Send Him to Costa Rica for Trial
Another season of Animal Planet's Whale Wars is upon us. In fact it starts tonight, June 1, at 9pm ET. Also in fact, the prime mover of the show, Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, remains under house arrest in Germany.
Alberta Oil Spill: 924,000 Gallons and Rising
Some terrible news out of Canada, and more evidence that the oil industry needs fundamental reform. From the Globe and Mail : CALGARY - A huge pipeline spill has released 22,000 barrels of oil and water into muskeg in the far northwest of Alberta.
Sudan Vision Daily - Details
Scientists Find New Sensory Organ in Whales Biologists on Wednesday reported they had discovered a new sensory organ on blue, humpback, minke and fin whales that helps explain why these mammals are so huge.
Man-to-dolphin conversation? Scientists can now talk like dolphins
A new device mimics the sound of dolphins, allowing scientists to possibly start communicating in the language that dolphins speak. A new dolphin speaker device could one day help us talk with these remarkably intelligent life forms, scientists say. Skip to next paragraph Dolphins live in a world of sound far beyond our own.
Amazing Video of Solar Eclipse Shows Sun's Structure | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
This time-lapse video of Sunday's solar eclipse highlights the Sun's outer layers: The photographer Cory Poole constructed the video by pasting together 700 photographs taken with a ...
Nature Is Bad For The Economy: This Street Art Makes You Question Your Values
Two weeks ago, I saw one of the bumper stickers you can see here. A shock of irony sped through my retinas and a jolt of truth shot out my toes. I thought, "Who finally said--succinctly and artfully--what so many people ramble on endlessly about or refuse to acknowledge at all?"
Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Arrested in Germany (UPDATED)
Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd, was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday, on a 10 year old* warrant issued by Costa Rica. The warrant stems from an incident that occurred while filming the documentary Sharkwater, in 2002.
Dinosaur Farts Contributed to Global Warming, Study Suggests
150 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the average temperature was about 18 degrees hotter than it is today. A new study by British scientists connects the two, arguing that flatulence from sauropods could have produced 520 million tons of methane annually, enough to partially explain the warm climate, the BBC reported.
Connecticut Fears Monsanto - Bill to Label GM Ingredients Dead Due to Lawsuit Worries
Remember all the cheering when Connecticut legislators proposed a bill requiring the labeling of genetically modified ingredients in food? Well, you can start booing. Loudly. As the Fairfield Green Food Guide reports, legislators have gotten cold feet, removing the entire part of the bill requiring labeling of the GM ingredients, fearing lawsuit by the big corporate behemoth Monsanto.