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Kosmograd: Olympics Brand Exclusion Zone
In graphic design, an 'exclusion zone' is an area around a logo which must be left clear. Corporate brand and logo usage guidelines demonstrate the proportion of vertical and horizontal space around a logo into which no other element can intrude. In urban design, exclusion zones are becoming commonplace in relation to sponsorship of sporting events.
Cameron family fortune made in tax havens
David Cameron's father ran a network of offshore investment funds to help build the family fortune that paid for the prime minister's inheritance, the Guardian can reveal. Though entirely legal, the funds were set up in tax havens such as Panama City and Geneva, and explicitly boasted of their ability to remain outside UK tax jurisdiction.
Icon 109 out now
The theme of our July issue is 'Maps'. Our cover features one of Stamen's Watercolor Maps, a beautiful, digital rendering that looks handmade; while the Center for Land Use Interpretation is creating a database of alternative American landmarks, from ghost towns to missile bases.
Queen's birthday honours list 2012: Knights
Knights Bachelor Antony Brian Baldry, For Public and Political Service. Peter Birkett, Chief exec, Barnfield College, Luton. For serv Further Education and the Academy Movement. Robin Bosher, Formerly Headteacher, Fairlawn Primary School, Haseltine Primary School, and Kilmorie Primary School, Lewisham. For serv Education. Michael Boyd, Artistic dir, R Shakespeare Company.
The Curious Wavefunction: P-glycoprotein: The vacuum cleaner that makes Sir James weep
There has been a lot of discussion during the last decade about the continuing attrition in the pharmaceutical industry and the absence of novel drugs. Several factors including layoffs, narrow-minded management practices, outsourcing etc. have been held responsible for this trend which only promises to exacerbate in the near future.
Zing!: What the New Science of the New Sciences Tells Us About Our Unquenchable Craving for the Illusion of Scientifically-Validated Insight | The Moral Sciences Club | Big Think
Amid the tiny din of two-hundred micturating rodents, Ralph X. Bumblefutz goggled in disbelief at a discovery that would forever lay waste to the West's most cherished ideas about incontinence. It was a clear Autumn morning in 1974, in a cluttered basement laboratory occupying a disused corner of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and pants would never be the same.
Let's Go! Social Ad Gallery | Shell
We at Shell want everyone to feel as "pumped" as we do about freeing much-needed Arctic resources. After all, the Arctic is the common heritage of all humanity, and what we do there matters to everyone. Below are some of the ads that users like you have created for Shell's Let's Go!
Before environmental regulations, Pittsburgh looked like the capital of Hell
After World War II, Pittsburgh finally enacted smoke control laws to curb the release of coal emissions into the city. But prior to citizens' grassroot environmental reform efforts, this industrial murk enveloped buildings and streets in darkness and transformed day into the inky evening. Here's a...
David Hepworth's Blog: Must we throw this filth at our pop grandmothers?
I quite like noisy beat music. I've spent a lot of my life listening to it. However even I never forced my mother to listen to it.
Canada's best undervalued asset: its social entrepreneurs
Playwright John Mighton came up with a way to make arithmetic fun and easy for kids. (May 14, 2007) Colin McConnell/Toronto Star Toronto, for all its cultural vibrancy and intellectual energy, is not a very hospitable place for people with bold, innovative ideas.
Nonprofit Law Prof Blog: Leff: The Case Against For-Profit Charity
" Legg: Excluding Parsonages from Taxation |Main June 1, 2012 Leff: The Case Against For-Profit Charity Benjamin M. Leff (American University Washington College of Law) has posted The Case Against For-Profit Charity on SSRN (Seton Hall Law Review, forthcoming).
The Sci-Fi Novel of the Year
There are two kinds of science fiction, let's say, because we're the kind of people who like to divide things into two kinds: the kind where things happen and the kind where nothing happens. That's not how SF is commonly grouped. Very generally, people like to talk about the "hard...
One Per Cent: Obama 'gave full backing to Stuxnet attack on Iran'
(Image: News Pictures/MCP/Rex Features) When George W Bush handed over the presidential reins to Barack Obama in 2008, he asked that the incoming man continue running what he regarded as two of his administration's most promising security programs: the remotely-piloted drone war against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan - and the development of a cyberweapon nicknamed 'the bug', aimed at destroying Iran's nascent nuclear capability.
Fox Sets Date for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes & ID4-3D
The Fringe is a place where non-horror genre films can get some play on Shock. These films might be sci-fi, fantasy or action - and certainly contain some horror elements - but will likely be light on scares, or, straight-up "horror." Still, they might be of interest to you.
China's Bo Xilai scandal revs up news media run by exiles
The scandal involving fallen politician Bo Xilai and his wife gives news outlets run by Chinese exiles a lot of ammunition against the Communist Party. BEIJING - "Beijing power struggle heralds end of China Communist Party," screams one headline.
Rodong Sinmun
Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, visited the Kaeson Youth Park Funfair to learn about its management.