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Last Sunday night I spent a good five minutes lying facedown on my couch, my head pressed into the crack between our old tan cushions, my arms pinned awkwardly under my chest, emitting a sequence of guttural moaning noises as my wife silently read Janet Maslin's newly-posted New York Times review of my novel, "This Bright River," and then - after some gasps and one very disconcerting, empathy-laden, "Oh no" - attempted to describe the review's contents aloud.
The Ukraine Is Ready For Vogue
Today Condé Nast International CEO Jonathan Newhouse announced that Vogue will license a Ukranian edition through a partnership with local media company UMH Group. It is expected to launch in the next 12 months. "The Ukraine is ready for Vogue," Mr. Newhouse said in a statement.
Amazon begins collecting Texas sales tax
HOUSTON - Starting Sunday, will start charging sales tax to its Texas customers. Brick and mortar bookstore managers are cheering the new deal between the state and the online retailer. They say it will "even the playing field." At Brazos Bookstore, it's easy to find readers like Karley Little.
Articles | TRIBEZA Austin Magazine
Explore Austin arts and culture with the articles that fill the pages of TRIBEZA, from the burgeoning arts, fashion and cuisine communities to the always popular themes of music, sports and health.
Фотопутешествие по Москве и Санкт-Петербургу: 1940-е и 2010-е
Добавить комментарий Фотографии знаменитых мест двух городов в военные годы и в наше время позволят совершить виртуальное путешествие в суровые сороковые и обратно. © РИА Новости, Инфографика. Елена Приданникова / Мария Михайлова / Владимир Терентьев
DNA tests could clear more, new study finds
A new study of data from Virginia's DNA testing project estimates that as many as 15 percent of people found guilty in sexual assault cases between 1973 and 1987 were wrongfully convicted.
Jesus Christ Anthony Turner: Hauled in by Houston Cops on Aggravated Robbery Charge - Houston News - Hair Balls
According to Houston Police, on June 18, Jesus Christ Anthony Turner pointed a gun at a man and robbed him. Since the alleged offense took place while the 27-year-old South Park resident was free on bond for a January home burglary, Jesus Christ is currently being held without bail in the Harris County Jail.
Sad Things With Happy Endings: News & Coverage on New York Magazine
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Kidnapping by Mexican police caught on video - El Paso Times
Raw video: Kidnapping by Mexican police MEXICO CITY (AP) - There it was on video: Five heavily armed policemen barge into a hotel in western Mexico before dawn and march out with three handcuffed men in underwear. But police weren't making an arrest. Prosecutors say they apparently were taking orders from criminals.
The Twitch | VICE
Illustrations by Winston Smith "Rattler Round-Up" © Winston Smith, 2012 I'm one of those assholes at the airport who slaloms past you on a beeping golf cart. The limo of the elderly, lazy, and infirm. Even I can feel the seething looks. Sorry, but it's for your own good.
Valley of the Dolls: Women's Wage Woes in the Tech "Shangri-la" of Silicon Valley | Marriage 3.0 | Big Think
In a fascinating report-a Tale of Five Californias-the non-profit Measure of America describes the state's distinct economic communities. From "The Forsaken Five Percent," who have been "bypassed by the digital economy and left behind in impoverished LA neighborhoods," to "Main Street California," the better-educated "suburban and ex-urban Californians" with a "tenuous grip on middle-class life," and to "Shangri-la"-prosperous Silicon Valley.
Grits for Breakfast: Expert: Yogurt Shop Case a Prime Example of False Confessions
At a meeting this morning of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals' Criminal Justice Integrity Unit, University of San Francisco academic Richard Leo expounded on his research into police interrogations and the causes of false confessions. (See Grits' prior discussions of Leo's work here , here , here , and here .)
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
Follow @politicalwire May 22, 2012 A Texas Tribune poll finds Mitt Romney crushing President Obama in the Lone Star state, 55% to 35%. A Sooner Poll in Oklahoma finds Romney headed for a landslide, 62% to 27%.
Azerbaijan 'targets activists' ahead of Eurovision
Baku's Hospital Number 1 is an impressive building. It is immaculately clean and well equipped, a symbol of the modern state that oil-rich Azerbaijan wants to be. But upstairs in a hospital bed was another symbol of modern Azerbaijan - a badly injured journalist.
"Why's this so good?" No. 41: Skip Hollandsworth and sacrifice - Nieman Storyboard - A project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard
It was the altitude, officially. If the flight attendant was concerned about my tears, or if the little girl in the pink hoodie across the aisle was curious: Reading at 13,000 feet makes one susceptible to mood swings. It's a scientific fact.
Dan Jenkins, Hall of Famer
Associated Press | Jeff Roberson Most headlines about Monday's World Golf Hall of Fame induction focused on Phil Mickelson. But for Texans and sportswriting connoisseurs, the big news was Dan Jenkins. The 82-year-old novelist, former Sports Illustrated writer, and current Golf Digest contributor (pictured above with his daughter, the Washington Post's Sally Jenkins) is the first scribe who didn't have to die to get inducted.
The results are in: Austin nabs another James Beard Award in Uchiko's Paul Qui - 2012-May-07
It’s official, Austin now has two James Beard Award winners. Monday night, at the 2012 James Beard Awards, Uchiko’s Paul Qui won the award for Best Chef: Southwest, bringing both ...
Tim Tebow to deliver Easter speech at Texas church
GEORGETOWN, Texas (AP) â A central Texas church spokeswoman says New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is set to speak to an expected 20,000 people on Easter Sunday. People attending the non-denominational service will sit on lawn chairs and blankets.