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Mary Joe Fernandez sits in Roger Federer's box a conflict of interest - Tennis - Jon Wertheim -
Variations of this question come up fairly often and -- proving the ultimate thesis -- I confess that I've resisted addressing the issue, in part because it means critically examining some friends and sources. I know the "conflict issue" was much discussed in Tennis World during Indian Wells last week, especially on Twitter.
Kerry Wood, Baseball, Chicago Cubs - 07.07.03 - SI Vault
This SI Vault Sports Illustrated cover from 07.07.03 features Kerry Wood, Baseball, Chicago Cubs. See over 2800 covers in the SI Vault.
Danica Patrick, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. have hit it off
Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. first bonded at Nationwide rookie meetings in 2010. They've developed a mutual trust and respect -- and have been known to crack each other up.
Harry Kendall Thaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harry Kendall Thaw (February 12, 1871 - February 22, 1947) was the son of coal and railroad baron William Thaw. His legacy to history can be attributed to one notorious act-in 1906, he murdered the renowned architect Stanford White on the rooftop of Madison Square Garden .
Tom Cruise, the bankable kook
What do you get the multi-millionaire global superstar who has everything? It's a question Katie Holmes must have asked herself repeatedly during her five-year marriage to Tom Cruise. When it comes to birthday presents for middle-aged men, divorce papers certainly qualify as an unorthodox gift, ranking even lower than novelty socks on the desirability scale.
Nets' deal with Teletovic reopens possibility of trade for Howard |
By Sam Amick and Zach Lowe Just when it seemed as if Brooklyn's dream of landing Dwight Howard had been shattered, there remains a slim chance that the Nets could land the Orlando center.
Gordon, Suns agree to max contract | Sam Amick |
Hornets restricted free agent Eric Gordon has agreed to sign a maximum contract with the Suns, league sources confirmed. New Orleans has the right to match the offer sheet, but Gordon made it known that he'd rather play for Phoenix than the team that traded for him in the Chris Paul deal last season.
Free-agent flood gates should open with Williams now off the market | Sam Amick |
When Deron Williams announced his decision to return to the Nets on Tuesday, the collective sigh of relief didn't just come from Brooklyn fans. His fellow free agent point guards were relieved, too.
Nets near trade for Joe Johnson | Sam Amick |
The Nets have agreed to the framework of a trade that would bring them shooting guard Joe Johnson from Atlanta, a source involved in the talks said. The source said Brooklyn would acquire Johnson for DeShawn Stevenson and the expiring contracts of Jordan Williams, Johan Petro, Jordan Farmar and Anthony Morrow, according to the source.
Fever Pitch
Photography by Mike McGregor Megan Rapinoe is learning to be comfortable in the spotlight. She's got to be; it's enthusiasts who keep soccer alive. "We need fans; we need people to watch our games," she says. "I don't think it happens like it does in male sports, just because we're playing.
The Nets face their future
Few teams have had as many different franchise-altering outcomes at stake over a 48-hour span as the Nets do right now. And that's even after agreeing to re-sign forward Gerald Wallace with a fully guaranteed four-year, $40 million deal that will constitute an overpay at the back end - especially because the Nets gave up the No.
Records Raise More Questions About What Penn State Officials Knew - Administration - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Top Pennsylvania State University officials held a three-hour meeting to discuss Jerry Sandusky in 2001 over concerns about the former coach's behavior with a boy in the football showers. A law-firm billing record from that conversation describes a "report of suspected child abuse," according to a person with knowledge of an independent investigation into the matter.
Top UF signee four-star defensive tackle Dante Phillips denied admission to UF
Four-star defensive tackle Dante Phillips has been denied admission to the University of Florida, according to his stepfather, Damon Wilson. "We were kind of blindsided," Wilson said Monday. "He did everything he needed to do to be cleared by the (NCAA) Clearing House, but now he's been told he doesn't have a scholarship to Florida.
Mickey Mantle, Baseball, New York Yankees - 07.02.62 - SI Vault
This SI Vault Sports Illustrated cover from 07.02.62 features Mickey Mantle, Baseball, New York Yankees. See over 2800 covers in the SI Vault.
Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld - Telegraph
It was at the embassy that La Rochefoucauld was invited to join SOE. "The courage and skill of British agents is without equal," he recalled the ambassador noting. "It is just that their French accents are appalling." After meeting de Gaulle to ask his permission to join British forces ("Do it," came the reply.
Radio Hall of Fame finally bows to Howard Stern
Long snubbed by the Radio Hall of Fame, Howard Stern will be inducted at last, sources say. But will he show?
Rush to report US health ruling trips up CNN, Fox
Rush to report US health ruling trips up CNN, Fox NEW YORK (AP) - In the rush to report the Supreme Court's health care decision on Thursday, CNN and Fox News Channel initially got the story wrong, briefly worrying President Barack Obama, delighting Republican lawmakers and reminding journalists that accuracy trumps speed.
Emelianenko will go down as one of MMA's all-time top heavyweights | Loretta Hunt |
Fedor Emelianenko ended his mixed martial arts career last Thursday in St. Petersburg, Russia, the way he finished a majority of his fights: calmly walking away from another crumpled opponent at his feet.
Photo finish examiner details how trials race was deemed a dead heat | Tim Layden |
EUGENE, Ore. -- At roughly 20 minutes past six last Saturday evening at Hayward Field, eight women ran the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. The first three finishers would earn individual places on the U.S. team for the London Olympic Games.
LEBRON and the ORIGINAL DREAM TEAM June 22nd, 2012 Now that the Finals are over and new legacies have been established, I am going to ditch my idea of writing about how the 2012 U.S. Olympic team would do against the original Dream Team.