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The Bulldog With The Piglets
30 Surreal Photos Of A Chinese Sex Toy Factory Ten More GIFs Of Jeremy Lin, The Most Undeniably Exciting… Jeremy Lin Explains How To Get Into Harvard Adele Looking Gorgeous In Vogue Chris Brown's Message To His Haters The Bulldog With The Piglets This is a story about a bulldog named Baby who has adopted six orphaned piglets in Germany.
The Script For the Friday Night Lights Movie Is Almost Done, Will Be About Texas Tech’s Mike Leach
The Script For the Friday Night Lights Movie Is Almost Done, Will Be About Texas Tech's Mike Leach By Amos Barshad on February 15, 2012 9:57 AM ET NBC UniversalFor a while there, every time a movie adaptation of a beloved TV show was discussed, it was our cue to roll our eyes and scoff and flick the back of one hand dismissively, or maybe even wipe a bunch of crap off someone's table (who's?
Wind power blowing up in California
Wind energy now supplies about 5% of California's total electricity needs, or enough to power more than 400,000 households. That's the word from the California Wind Energy Assn., which said that California put up more new turbines than any state last year, with 921.3 megawatts installed.
The Louvins' brotherly (dis)harmony
The records that brothers Ira and Charlie Louvin made in the 1950s and early '60s are some of the most revered and influential in the history of country music .
Correction to Murk Avenue: Ice Cube's 'Good Day' really was Nov. 30, 1988
It should actually be November 30th, 1988. I think I found some errors in Donovan Strain’s calculations about when Ice Cube’s “Good Day” occurred, and explain my own findings below. I feel somewhat silly making this my first-ever Tumblr post on an account I’ve had open, forgotten and unused, for over a year, but I was so happy two days ago when I found all the links to his original post.
The Konbit Shelter Project |
Konbit Shelter is a sustainable building project with the objective of sharing knowledge and resources through the creation of homes and community spaces in post earthquake Haiti. We are a group of artists, builders, architects, and engineers, who, after the January 2010 earthquake, asked ourselves how we could use our skills and resources to directly assist another community in a time of crisis.
kim jong-il looking at things
the dear leader liked to look at things. updated every other day and sometimes on the weekends too.
Copyright Office Supports Federalization of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings
By Michael Kelley Dec 29, 2011 In a report issued Wednesday, the U.S. Copyright Office recommended that sound recordings made before February 15, 1972 be brought under federal jurisdiction.
Rolling Stone Mobile - Politics - Politics: Keystone Pipeline Endgame: Three Scenarios
As White House Communications Director Dan Pfieffer put it in a tweet the other day: "The House bill simply shortens the review process in a way that virtually guarantees that the pipeline will NOT be approved." (National Wildllife Federation's Jeremy Symons has a smart blog post describing all this in more detail.
Daring Fireball: Getting Steve Jobs Wrong
Exhibit A in the case against Walter Isaacson's flawed Jobs biography: Malcolm Gladwell in last week's New Yorker, arguing that Jobs was "a tweaker": In 1779, Samuel Crompton, a retiring genius from Lancashire, invented the spinning mule, which made possible the mechanization of cotton manufacture.
Rolling Stone Mobile - News - Culture: The Steve Jobs Nobody Knew
The new issue of Rolling Stone, on stands and available through Rolling Stone All Access on October 14th, pays tribute to Steve Jobs with an in-depth cover story written by contributing editor Jeff Goodell, who first met Jobs back in 1980 when he took a job at Apple.
John Jeremiah Sullivan Reviews David Foster Wallace's Last Novel, 'The Pale King': Books: GQ
One of the few detectable lies in David Foster Wallace's books occurs in his essay on the obscure '90s-era American tennis prodigy Michael Joyce, included in Wallace's first nonfiction anthology, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again.
Newt Gingrich Profile - Esquire Story on Newt Gingrich
In the twelve years since he resigned in defeat and disgrace, he has been carefully plotting his return to power. As 2012 approaches, he has raised as much money as all of his potential rivals combined and sits atop the polls for the Republican presidential nomination. But just who is Newton Leroy Gingrich, really?
‘Near Poor’: Not Quite in Poverty, but Still Struggling
By JASON DePARLE, ROBERT GEBELOFF and SABRINA TAVERNISE WASHINGTON - They drive cars, but seldom new ones. They earn paychecks, but not big ones. Many own homes. Most pay taxes. Half are married, and nearly half live in the suburbs. None are poor, but many describe themselves as barely scraping by.
Sen. Manchin Maintains Lucrative Ties to Family-Owned Coal Company
On his financial disclosures for 2009 and 2010, Manchin reported significant earnings from Enersystems Inc., a coal brokerage that he helped run before his political star rose. In the 19 months before winning his Senate seat in a hard-fought special election, Manchin reported operating income of $1,363,916 from Enersystems. His next disclosure showed $417,255 in Enersystems income.
Are climate campaigners doing it wrong? I review a book that answers ‘yes’
Are climate campaigners doing it wrong? I review a book that answers ‘yes' What if the problem with international climate negotiations is not this or that recalcitrant country but the very foundation the whole enterprise is built on? What if climate campaigners are fixated on a set of frames and strategies that are doomed to failure?
‘Saturday Night Live’ scoop: Cast member Paul Brittain to leave immediately — EXCLUSIVE |
Jan 31 2012 10:44 AM ET Saturday Night Live viewers will notice one less familiar face on this weekend's Channing Tatum-hosted episode: EW has learned exclusively that featured player Paul Brittain is leaving the show, effective immediately. A source close to the actor tells EW that Brittain "had the opportunity to pursue other projects, and he and the show parted ways amicably."