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Twitter Blog: Experience more with expanded Tweets
Starting today, you can discover more interactive experiences inside any Tweet on and When you expand Tweets containing links to partner websites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more. You've probably expanded Tweets before to play videos from YouTube or see photos from Instagram.
Portland marriage proposal video couple will appear on 'Today Show'
Following the explosive popularity of his marriage proposal video, Portland actor Isaac Lamb and his fiance, Amy Frankel, will appear on NBC's "Today Show" Tuesday, Lamb said. His only comment? "Ack!" But with 5 million hits in three days, exposure on national TV should be no problem for Lamb or Frankel.
Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online
Free online dictionary, thesaurus, spanish-english and medical dictionaries, audio pronunciations, Word of the Day, word games, and many more high-quality Merriam-Webster language resources.
Social media tool aims to help journalists find undiscovered, reliable sources on Twitter | Poynter.
A couple of tweets, discovered well after we all learned that Whitney Houston had died Saturday, illustrate a challenge journalists face in a breaking news situation. How do we find key sources, particularly eyewitnesses, in those first minutes and hours after news breaks?
Apple’s OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: The Mac Gets Even More iPad-Like | Techland |
Today, Apple is unveiling OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, its first major update to the Mac's software since Lion. As its name suggests, it feels like a continuation of Lion--one that borrows even more features from iOS. It also ties Apple's two operating systems more tightly together through iCloud, Apple's service for storing documents and other data on the Net.
Poynter. | Standing for journalism, strengthening democracy | Journalism training, media news & how to's
Also talks about mobile usage, lurkers and trending topics. Talk to McClatchy reporter Chris Adams about how to do better reporting on veterans' issues. How to avoid stereotypes in coverage of NY Knicks point guard. A growing number of journalists in the U.S. are getting arrested while on the job.
Twitter vs. “the press”: Let’s not go there | Melanie Sill
Despite many attempts to put it to rest, the journalism discussion still hasn't resolved "bloggers versus journalists," a shorthand for cultural conflict over journalism's past and future. Now we have a new iteration: Twitter versus the press, which comes up in nearly every major breaking news discussion.
How can reporters take a watchdog approach to their reporting on veterans affairs? | Poynter.
With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq winding down, more veterans will be relying on the U.S. government for services. To adequately report on how the government is responding to their needs, journalists need to learn the issues facing veterans and figure out how to navigate the complex bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Sale of Philly papers will test whether local owners can stay out of the newsroom | Poynter.
Five and a half years ago, when Brian Tierney fronted a local group that bought the Philadelphia papers from McClatchy (which bought them temporarily from Knight Ridder), media watchers worried that his public relations perspective would constrict coverage of the community.
Twitter Is All in Good Fun, Until It Isn’t
Big media companies love when their employees hit . After all, the short-form social media platform gives consumers direct access to media personalities, and along with it, an intimate connection that large media organizations, and the public, revel in. Until something goes wrong.
Teaching digital literacy through game design
This Wednesday marks the first-ever Digital Learning Day, a nationwide celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology. World Wide Workshop, a Knight supported project, is partnering with the day's organizers, Alliance for Excellent Education, to celebrate innovative teaching practices that make learning more engaging for students.
Misspellings show language’s evolution, but does that mean they’re OK for journalists to use? | Poynter.
A misspelling on a Manhattan crosswalk, which was painted with the phrase "shcool x-ng" instead of "school crossing," created a nationwide stir last week. Some called the misspelling "embarrassing" and "sloppy," and those involved deferred the blame. When I first heard about the reaction, the reporter and copy editor in me said, "Really?
How ‘headless body in topless bar’ was fact-checked | Poynter.
NBC New York Editors would have let the facts get in the way of the most famous tabloid headline in history, "Headless Body in Topless Bar." Then-New York Post City Editor Dick Belsky explains how the paper confirmed the headless body was found in a topless bar.
Joe Paterno interview: Sally Jenkins discusses her talk with ex-Penn State coach
I'm not sure I agree with your characterizations. He went out of his way to say that he himself not a victim, that he had a lot of good years at Penn State, and that while he didn't like the way he was dismissed, he doesn't want to be bitter.
Raju Narisetti leaving Washington Post to return to WSJ | Poynter.
MediaWire Memo | Dow Jones After three years at The Washington Post, managing editor Raju Narisetti is returning to The Wall Street Journal as managing editor of the Journal's Digital Network. Narisetti worked at the Journal for 13 years before stints at Mint and the Post, where he's been leading digital efforts.
False Paterno death reports highlight journalists’ hunger for glory | Poynter.
As many people are now aware, on Saturday evening, a student news organization at Penn State reported that former football coach Joe Paterno had died. The information was picked up by CBS Sports and other major news outlets, and it spread quickly on Twitter. But it was wrong.
What journalists need to know about SOPA | Poynter.
The Online News Association on Thursday came out strongly against sweeping federal legislation aimed at curbing illegal copying and distribution of content online. With the announcement, ONA adds its voice to a growing chorus of those opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) currently being debated in the U.S.
I Have Good News and... That's It: Introducing HuffPost Good News
I'm delighted to announce the launch of HuffPost Good News, a new section that will shine a much-needed spotlight on what's inspiring, what's positive, what's working -- and what's missing from what most of the media chooses to cover.
Clay Shirky channels David Cohn in comparing NYT paywall to NPR | Poynter.
In an extended interview on "Talk of the Nation," Clay Shirky explained why the newspaper industry's paywall experiments represent a shift from the product-based business model to a donation system like NPR's: I mean, what we're seeing now - again with the Times, the Star-Tribune, the Sun Times - is that a small core of readers will come forward and support the paper.