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Stay at Stove Dad: Valentine's Day Recap: The Mystery of Black Cod
In romance, a bit of mystery is a good thing. When it comes to cooking, though, the opposite is true. The fine folks at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute sent me a package of Black Cod for my Valentine's Dinner, and while I thought I knew what Black Cod was good for, I was wrong.
Feds Look to Fight Leaks With 'Fog of Disinformation'
Pentagon-funded researchers have come up with a new plan for busting leakers: Spot them by how they search, and then entice the secret-spillers with decoy documents that will give them away. Computer scientists call it it "Fog Computing" - a play on today's cloud computing craze.
Welcome to the world's nicest prison -
Bastoy, Norway (CNN) -- Jan Petter Vala, who is serving a prison sentence for murder, has hands the size of dinner plates and shoulders like those of an ox. In an alcoholic rage, he used his brutish strength to strangle his girlfriend to death a few years ago.
Jumpers by Tad Friend
Shortly after ten-thirty in the morning on Wednesday, March 19th, a real-estate agent named Paul Alarab began hiking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Midway along the walkway, which carries pedestrians and cyclists between San Francisco and Marin County, he stopped and climbed the four-foot safety railing.
The growing epidemic of page bloat
The average web page is now more than 1 megabyte (MB). This isn't a case where bigger is better, it's bad for site owners and for mobile users. Back in December, I predicted that at some point in 2012 the average web page would surpass 1 MB in size.
First Contact | Colossal
There's nothing like the awe of a child encountering a new life form, but in this fantastic shot by Christopher of CMGW Photography it looks like the feeling radiating from this enormous old manatee might be mutual. (via stellar)
The death panel libel again - Something Not Unlike Research
post by Bill Gardner The US Preventitive Services Task Force has issued a new recommendation about screening for prostate cancer. Dr. Michael LeFebrvre, The co-chair of the task force, offered this summary: Prostate cancer is a serious health problem that affects thousands of men and their families. But before getting...
Maurice Sendak: The King of All the Wild Things
Here we are, eight days into May, and already the score is two-zero in favor of Death - which is more or less always the score, give or take several orders of magnitude. Four days ago, we lost Adam Yauch, one of the men behind the Beastie Boys.
The Derb Implodes
Seriously: this was published as what John Derbyshire tells his children about a world with African-Americans in it: (10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally. (10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.
Grammy Exec. Producer Says 'It's Time' Chris Brown Returned
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images. The Grammy Awards are this weekend, and Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich has confirmed to ABC News Radio that Chris Brown, who has three nominations this year, will be one of the many performers on the show.  “We’re glad to have him back,” said Ehrlich.
White House announces new privacy "Bill of Rights," Do Not Track agreement
Saying "American consumers can't wait any longer" for better privacy rules, President Obama took the wraps off his administration's framework for new privacy regulations. As part of its big reveal, the White House also announced the first product of that framework: the completion of an industry agreement on "Do Not Track" technology for behavior-based web advertising.
Luxury Hotels Of The Romney Campaign
Empire Hotel (New York, NY) "The 422 richly appointed guest rooms at The Empire Hotel represent a new standard in New York City boutique hotel accommodations. Each room combines the earth tones from Central Park and the dignified modernism of Lincoln Center to provide effortlessly sophisticated comfort."
Drummer Bobby Z's purple heart is still beating
Bobby Z's heart stopped. Twice. In the hospital. His family was summoned. So was his rabbi. But Z survived. Now, 12 months later, he is drumming, producing and celebrating with the band that made him famous, Prince & the Revolution.
Moleskine Portraits Featured Artist: Emilie Baltz – Making Food, Pictures, and Things
Our last artist to profile from our recent Moleskine Portraits event is Emilie Baltz. Emilie presented the very popular "Faces" project which you can see the results from in our Facebook album here: Emilie Baltz - Making Food, Pictures, and Things- Who are you and what do you do?
Mitt Romney could be stripped of Maine win - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
Last Saturday, the Maine Republican Party declared Mitt Romney the winner of the Maine caucuses. The non-binding caucuses were a low turnout affair, but Romney's victory over Ron Paul - who he beat by less than 200 votes - was a chance for Romney to reclaim some momentum in the wake of Rick Santorum's three-state sweep four days earlier.
LeBron James Not Ruling out Return to Cavaliers
LeBron James says he could picture returning to the place where his NBA journey began. Back in Cleveland. After practicing in a gym where he refined his game for seven seasons, James said Thursday he would not rule out a return to the Cavaliers, the team he carried to the brink of a championship before he spurned an entire region by leaving as a free agent for Miami in 2010.
Brian Stelter: What I Read
How do people deal with the torrent of information pouring down on us all? What sources can't they live without? We regularly reach out to prominent figures in media, entertainment, politics, the arts and the literary world, to hear their answers.