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Romney tied to Bain during outsourcing years - The War Room with Jennifer Granholm // Current TV
It's campaign versus campaign on the rhetoric about whether Mitt Romney was responsible for offshoring American jobs, and the investigative journalists at Mother Jones are siding with Obama. Recently uncovered documents show Romney papers for Bain months after his campaign claims he cut ties to the company - and after the offshoring began.
Is Rick Santorum's New Dark Money Group Breaking the Law?
Rick Santorum, the onetime Republican presidential hopeful, has joined the dark money arms race, but his new nonprofit, Patriot Voices, could well find itself in trouble with the tax-man. Last month, Santorum announced the creation of Patriot Voices, which is "committed to promoting faith, family, freedom, and opportunity."
RIP: Eric Barton Has Been Removed as Editor of New Times Broward-Palm Beach
Eric Barton has been removed from his post as editor of New Times, Broward-Palm Beach, according to sources at the weekly newspaper. His last day was today. Miami New Times editor Chuck Strouse, who was editor in Broward for five years preceding Barton, will again take over editing chores, with BPB's Deirdra Funcheon staying on [...]
A Case of Romnesia
Mitt Romney has a history problem. It's not only that past events and stances-say, his implementation of an Obamacare-like reform in Massachusetts, or his 1994 call for "full equality" for gay and lesbians-undermine his current efforts by calling into question his political integrity. Romney often distorts-or is detached from-significant realities of his personal past.
Angry 'Oatmeal' founder raises $20K in an hour
Some people might hire a lawyer if they received a letter threatening legal action. Not Matthew Inman, creator of the Seattle-based humor site He drew a comic - this one, specifically. He says it represents "your mom" trying to romance a Kodiak bear. That could be the lawyer's mom.
The Anatomy of a Videogame-Scare Story
How weak correlations and scant research were spun up into an argument about how videogames and porn are leading to "the demise of guys." People playing the game Overkill (Reuters).
"I Always Knew Somebody Would Get Killed Inside That Place"
Early on the morning of September 3, 2009, Nicholas Adrian Revetta left the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, suburb of Pleasant Hills and drove 15 minutes to a job at US Steel's Clairton Plant, a soot-blackened industrial complex on the Monongahela River. He never returned home.
Could Citizens United Be Toast in Just Two Months?
Last December, the Montana Supreme Court defied Citizens United by upholding the state's century-old campaign finance laws. That decision could well be overturned when it comes before the Supreme Court, which stayed the Montana high court's decision in February.
The 44 Most Metrosexual Presidents of All Time | Mother Jones
On Thursday, the New York Times reported on the efforts of a new super-PAC, backed by TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, dedicated to exposing President Obama as a radical, no-good "metrosexual, black Abraham Lincoln." But Barack Obama isn't our first metrosexual president. He's not even our first metrosexual Abraham Lincoln.
Meet Your Hedge Fund Landlord | Mother Jones
How subprime player Carrington Investments is milking a housing crisis it helped create. Back before the housing bubble burst, sending America's economy into a tailspin, hedge fund manager and former CitiGroup banker Bruce Rose was marketing himself as the guy who single-handedly invented subprime mortgage-backed securities.
Famous Writers' Small Writing Sheds and Off-the-Grid Huts
When I hear the phrase "writing hut" or "backyard shed" my imagination practically squeals with delight. A small, intimate space furnished with the essentials. Low impact, high inspiration. This is probably why I love going to North Dakota and why I want to pull a Pollan and build my own little house.
CDU Debacle in German State: Voters Punish Merkel's Conservatives in Key Election - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The center-left Social Democrats and the Greens have emerged with a clear majority in elections in Germany's most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia. The outcome is a significant setback for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and could further weaken the Christian Democrats in the run-up to national elections in 2013.
Oh Look, My Friend Is Reading About Vibrators. Thanks Facebook! - The Consumerist
If you don't already block "social news apps" from illustrious organizations like the Washington Post, Yahoo, and The Guardian on Facebook, maybe this incident will change your mind. Facebook seems very keen for Jake to know that his female friend is reading about vibrators, but Jake would really rather not know.
What's Your Instinct: Did The Internet Jump The Gun On Queen Latifah's Coming Out Announcement?
Word on the interwebs is that Queen Latifah has come out as a lesbian. While that would be lovely, if true-we love us some Latifah and would happily welcome her into the fold-we're a little confused because we've yet to see, hear, or read a word from Queen Latifah actually coming out.
The Rabbis ♥ Joe Biden
The Rabbis ♥ Joe Biden: The Veep had some fun addressing the Rabbinical Assembly's annual convention in Atlanta. ..
Obama Can Stop "Evolving"
The downside to supporting marriage equality is not as big as the administration imagines.
America's idiot rich
The 1 percent is complaining louder than ever. There can be no reasoning with people this irrational Some unknown but alarming number of ultra-rich Americans are now basically totally delusional and completely divorced from reality. This is now an inescapable fact, confirmed by multiple media accounts of billionaire thought and an entire special issue of the New York Times Magazine.
The Tyranny of Dumb Book Titles
The title of Jonah Goldberg's new book about the evils of clichés is-surprise!-totally cliché.