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Last Sunday night I spent a good five minutes lying facedown on my couch, my head pressed into the crack between our old tan cushions, my arms pinned awkwardly under my chest, emitting a sequence of guttural moaning noises as my wife silently read Janet Maslin's newly-posted New York Times review of my novel, "This Bright River," and then - after some gasps and one very disconcerting, empathy-laden, "Oh no" - attempted to describe the review's contents aloud.
#Realtalk for the j-school graduate on the first five years of your career
I've spent most of my own admittedly short journalism career mentoring the younger writers and editors coming up behind me - especially those who graduated from journalism school, which seems to instill a false sense of preparedness that dissipates about two weeks into the first post-graduate internship.
Anne-Marie Slaughter websplosion: Response roundup on "Having It All" (and tweet chat!)
We can guess that all of you have read this. You can probably guess that all of us here at Feministing have a ton to say about the piece. This is why we'll be weighing into Women's Media Center #sheparty Tweet chat today at 3pm ET on the article and subsequent poopstorm that's come out of it.
How to get under Aaron Sorkin's skin (and also, how to high-five properly)
Aaron Sorkin knows the weight of last words, and his last words to me, as we walk-and-talk out of the HBO press room, are: "Write something nice." He says this in the "Smile, honey" tone of much less successful jerks. It's not advice the Oscar-winning, show-bossing Jonathan Franzen of screenwriting would take himself, thank what gods there be.
Escape from Freedom: What's The Matter With Tom Frank (And The Lefties Who Love Him)? | Willis | Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination
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40 Years After Title IX, the Playing Field Still Isn't Level - News - GOOD
This should be a happy month for female athletes and their supporters. A slew of events will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the landmark legislation that banned gender discrimination in education (including sports). Some might have been too busy planning festivities to notice a quiet business decision that makes clear just how much further women's sports have to go.
Getting real with Tumblr's favorite editor - Lifestyle Features
The relationship between an editor and her writers can be a complicated one. On one side you've got noble, pure-hearted scribes slaving over stories with sweat and grit, on the other you have evil overlords dead set on crushing their dreams. "Ouch," says Ann Friedman, the creator of our new favorite Tumblr, EDITORREALTALK.TUMBLR.COM .
The Personalized Campaign: How Democrats Are Selling Two Different Obamas - News - GOOD
The 2012 election season has officially begun, and like every incumbent, Obama and his campaign need to sell two Baracks: one for the base, and one for the swing voters. But a lot has changed since the last incumbent ran back in 2004. The digital divide has never been sharper.
Creator of Editor Real Talk, New Favorite Tumblr of Media Bosses and Underlings Alike, Reveals Herself
All over Twitter, and Tumblr, and email and Instant Message, media folks are passing around a new Tumblr they are wasting their precious time laughing at today. Welcome to Editor Real Talk: It's a series of GIFs with captions that cannily take note of the various euphemisms employed in newsrooms by editors (and what those euphemisms actually mean), or how editors are secretly reacting to certain situations.
Lesley Arfin, John Derbyshire, Vice, Taki Magazine, and the Lingering Cultural Capital of Racism
At first glance, Lesley Arfin, the Vice contributor and writer on HBO's sitcom Girls, and John Derbyshire, the former National Review columnist, have little in common. They're a woman and a man, a naughty provocateur and a writer on, among other things, China and mathematics, whose work resonates in New York and Washington respectively.
Why don't elevators allow you to toggle whether they stop at a floor?
Answer (1 of 4): This is an interesting question for me, as in my role as an Industrial Designer I have been responsible for designing a touch screen elevator interface for high-end elevator installations. Your question challenges the fundamentals of elevator design which have developed over a long period of time to become what they are today.
CHARTS: How Unequal Pay Is Even More Unequal For Some Women
Today is Equal Pay Day, the day that women completed the extra 3.5 months of work they needed in order to make an equal amount to what men earned in 2011. And while it is fairly common knowledge that women make 77 cents for a man's dollar in the workplace - which is why we [...]
Dry T-Shirt Contest: Sniffing Armpit Stains at a Pseudoscientific Singles 'Pheromone Party' - Lifestyle - GOOD
Last week, I bought a new white t-shirt, slept in it for three consecutive nights, sealed it in a Ziploc bag, then paid $30 to let several dozen men bury their faces in it and sniff my scent. One of these men was wearing a fez.
Is Instagram Really Worth $1 Billion? Yes-If You're Facebook - Business - GOOD
On Monday, two technology companies each spent a billion dollars on a collection of ideas. Microsoft bought hundreds of patents from AOL, a move that would have been the big tech news of the day had Facebook not announced its acquisition of Instagram, the mobile photo sharing app, for a clean billion in stock and cash.
'The Sugar Frosted Nutsack,' by Mark Leyner
The Sugar Frosted Nutsack By Mark Leyner (Little, Brown; 247 pages; $24.99) In Mark Leyner's 1993 novel "Et Tu, Babe," Mark Leyner runs lead character "Mark Leyner" through a series of antic set pieces. It's an old...
A(n)nals of Online Dating
Going deep into your worst internet romances.
Santorum Backer Friess: ‘Gals’ Used To Put Aspirin Between Their Knees For Contraception
Kyle Leighton February 16, 2012, 1:36 PM This whole contraception debate is just so new-fangled, says billionaire investor and mega-funder to the super PAC supporting former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) for President, Foster Friess. In his day, there were easier ways to deal with female sexual desire.
Boys Will Hire Boys: The Media Is Male and Getting Maler - News - GOOD
My first job in journalism was at a local newspaper staffed mostly by men. When many of them left for gigs elsewhere, I was told that hiring decisions would be based on finding the "best person for the job." In a matter of months, we had staffed all of our management positions with three white men named Mike.
Labor of Love: 4 Lessons From My Imperfect Love Life - Lifestyle - GOOD
My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. Since then, I have been in love with the idea of being in love. During those first rough years following the split, I played house, acting out my fantasy of a happy family headed by a mom and dad.