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OPower: Driving efficiency and, yes, green jobs
One of the great, overlooked stories of recent decades is the vast improvement in the productivity of American agriculture. Farmers grow more crops on less land, lowering the cost of food-and giving all of us more money to spend on other things. A similar opportunity awaits in energy.
Zero waste: Exciting, radical and real
Zero waste is one of the most exciting ideas I've come across in nearly a decade of writing about business and sustainability. In the short run, it makes business sense. In the long run, it has the potential to transform the way we design and make things.
A female-dominant Executive Dream Team - Fortune Management
Havas CEO David Jones explains the logic behind his Fortune Fantasy Executive Dream Team picks. FORTUNE -- David Jones is global CEO of Havas (and one of its divisions, Euro RSCG Worldwide), the French advertising giant that came up with such recent hits as the Charles Schwab's "Talk to Chuck" campaign and the Dos Equis "most interesting man in the world."
How Our Disinterest in 'The Environment' Signals the End of Nature | Motherboard
No one reading this has the slightest fucking clue what "nature" is, and in 1995 fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly proved it. In the paper that introduced the term "shifting baselines," Pauly described how experts who determined how many fish should be caught often started with whatever the baseline state of the ecosystem was when they started their careers, instead of considering what a fishery might have looked like in the past, when it wasn't nearly as degraded.
Stock Market Today - Financial News, Quotes and Analysis - TheStreet
Stephanie Link Buy Stocks With Dividend Growth, Not Just Yield Stephanie Link, director of research at TheStreet, likes stocks with dividend growth, not just a juicy yield.
The last days of MF Global
How Jon Corzine's return to Wall Street ended in spectacular calamity. A Fortune special report. By Peter Elkind with Doris Burke Jon Corzine FORTUNE -- At about 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25, David Schamis, a director of a once-obscure futures brokerage company called MF Global, placed a call to his friend, Jacob Goldfield.
Why Mars is a sustainability leader
When it comes to corporate sustainability, Mars matters. Mars has an impact, first of all, because of the company's heft. With $30 billion in revenues and more than 65,000 workers around the world, Mars is the world's second largest chocolate company (behind Kraft, which owns Cadbury), the world's largest branded rice company (Uncle Ben's), one of the world's largest pet food companies (Pedigree, Whiskas) and the world's largest chewing gum company (Wrigley, Orbit, Doublemint).
A former Procter & Gamble chief marketer's exec dream team - Fortune Management
Former P&G CMO and management expert Jim Stengel tells Fortunewho he would pick if he could build his very own Executive Dream Team. FORTUNE -- Jim Stengel was global CMO of Procter & Gamble, where he oversaw an $8-billion-a-year advertising budget.
Get Stressed, Stop Organics, Become A Better Person -
Do you want to be a better person? First, get stressed out. And whatever you do, don't go near organic food. Those are the counterintuitive implications of two newly published studies. One finds that exposure to organic foods reduces willingness to help others, while the other reports high levels of stress can increase trustworthiness and sharing.
Toby Webb's Smarter Business blog: Where is sustainable innovation coming from? Some new entrants...
Three moments in the last few weeks spurred me to think about this topic: - Some of the short listed companies we looked at for the upcoming Ethical Corporation awards - A couple of recent programmes on ' frugal innovation ' on BBC radio.
Avoiding the Clean Tech Crash | The Energy Collective
Avoiding the Clean Tech Crash: Can Renewable Energy Achieve Subsidy Independence? Live Webinar May 23, 11:30AM ET / 8:30AM PT Federal clean tech funding is poised to decline 75 percent by 2014 compared to 2009, according to a recent report from a diverse group of think tanks titled "Beyond Boom and Bust: Putting Clean Tech on a Path to Subsidy Independence".
Diet Tips From Scott Jurek, Ultrarunner And Vegan
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At Starbucks and Thanksgiving Coffee, it's not just a cuppa joe
Aside from being in the coffee trade, Starbucks and Thanksgiving Coffee would appear to have little in common. Seattle-based Starbucks is a FORTUNE 500 company (2011 revenues: $11.7 billion) that sells its brews all over the world, pursues global dominance (its latest outpost is Helsinki) and owns an iconic brand.
A schism over Fair Trade
Paul Rice is a man on a mission. The 51-year-old president and CEO of Fair Trade USA, who has led the group since 1998, says he wants the practice of Fair Trade to become bigger, engaging more consumers and helping more farmers around the world.
SEC: Wireless carriers must allow shareholder votes on data neutrality - Fortune Tech
AT&T, Sprint Nextel and Verizon must allow shareholders -- like the Beastie Boys' Mike D -- to vote on whether the companies should continue to impose data caps on their customer.  FORTUNE -- The SEC on Wednesday ordered that Verizon (VZ), AT&T (T), and Sprint Nextel (S) must allow shareholder votes ...
The indicator car makers should be ecstatic about - Fortune Features
Forget the unemployment rate or household debt. Forecasters look to a much more important figure that tells them when they are going to sell more vehicles. By Doron Levin, contributor FORTUNE -- Memory is tricky. A new car recalled from youth always seems cheaper and more affordable than the new, higher-priced models ...
9 all-too-familiar auto headlines
Already the New Year seems like déjà vu all over again. Most of what I've read and heard in 2012 has a familiar ring to it. I know the auto industry is cyclical and history repeats itself, but this is ridiculous.