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Second day of black-outs leaves nearly 10 percent of humanity without power
This is not a repeat from yesterday. It is worse. For the second day in a row, power consumption in India vastly exceeded available supply, due in part to high temperatures. The result: grid failure that first struck the northern part of the country - which had the same issue yesterday - then, the eastern.
EU court rules second-hand sales of digital goods legal
CURIA, the EU's Court of Justice, has ruled that digitally distributed software should be valid for resale - a major blow for Steam, Origin and others. CURIA - the Court of Justice of the European Union - has handed down a ruling in a software reselling case which, on the face of it, makes the resale of digitally distributed software officially legal throughout the EU.
A Century-Old Technology To Extract Power From Smokestacks
The search for energy from fossil fuels is often the search for heat. No matter where it comes from--oil, gas, coal, or even solar thermal--engineers usually turn heat into motion and then electricity with a generator.Yet we waste an enormous amount of this heat every year. Between 20% to 50% of U.S.
Consumer Insights: Growing Demand for Meat Without Antibiotics | Food+Tech Connect
Food+Tech - By Danielle Gould on June 25, 2012 4:21 pm Imagine a world where the medicines we use to treat common illnesses, like strep throat and ear infections, no longer work. Public-health advocates argue this kind of public health crisis could fast become a reality if antibiotic use in the agriculture industry is not reduced or eliminated.
ATMs to operate without a card
New technology to enable people to withdraw money from cash machines using their smartphone has been unveiled. Customers who use the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) or NatWest mobile banking app can now request cash, up to £100, via their smartphone. They are given a six-digit code to enter into an ATM to release the cash.
Did Men Invent the Internet? - Real Time Conversation [VIDEO]
Quddus (Duets) and Janina Gavankar (True Blood and The League) joined Shira to debate NY Times declaration that "Men Invented the Internet" and all the online chatter around the controversial statement, including Xeni Jardin's response on Boing Boing.
How 'Nature-Deficit Disorder' Is Making Us Fat, Sick, and Depressed - Lifestyle - GOOD
Earlier this month, children across the country celebrated the second annual Kids to Parks Day, a celebration created to combat declining attendance at America's parks and increasing rates of child obesity. As founding chairman of The Children and Nature Network, Richard Louv has spent much of his career seeking to connect children with nature through Kids to Parks Day and other grassroots efforts.
Grimm: Woman in Black
In the season one finale, an already complicated situation is enhanced by the arrival of a woman in black. Thanks for watching Grimm! Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at NBC.
xkcd: Felidae
XKCD updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can get prints, posters, and t-shirts in the store. Permanent link to this comic: Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding): Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors).
How To Pick One Good Android Phone
Buying a decent Android phone today isn't too hard and costs about $200. Buying an Android phone that you'll still want to own and use on a daily basis in November 2013, knowing you still have six more months before you can trade it in?
The Voice: Live Finale
Tonight is the night that the winning vocalist will be revealed! Did your favorite singer make it to the top? Thanks for watching The Voice all season long! Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at NBC.
MP tells PC Pro to "get a grip" over web censorship fears | Broadband | News | PC Pro
By Barry Collins Posted on 3 May 2012 at 07:47 Claire Perry MP has told PC Pro to "get a grip" after we challenged her to explain exactly what type of adult content she wanted British ISPs to block.
TED-Ed's New Video Tool Allows Anyone To Create Video Lessons Online
This morning, the TED conference expanded their TED-Ed initiative with a new set of interactive features, created with $1.25 million of corporate support, designed to make it easier for teachers to build video lessons. What's cool is that anyone can use this simple platform to pair any video on YouTube--not just TED Talks--with custom content.
Announcing GOOD Attacks! Hunger in Los Angeles - GOOD Projects - GOOD
Last year GOOD announced a new series of events: GOOD Attacks!, our effort to drive real-world change by organizing people to do good and have fun at the same time. With National Volunteer Week just around the corner, we thought it was time for another GOOD Attacks!
Smart cars become life-size Pong game controllers | PR Examples
To promote just how fun - read: quick over short distances - the new Smart Fortwo electic car is, German agency BBDO arranged a test drive event at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt.
Ultrasurf Allegedly Unsafe
Ultrasurf, one of the most popular internet anonymizers used by the Syrian rebels, allegedly has serious security flaws that put users' lives at risks. Privacy activist and Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum recently posted an extensive security review of Ultrasurf that claims numerous security holes let snoopers trace individual users.
Ain't that the truth.... | Om Malik
Nokia market cap is $16.25 billion with $14.2 billion of cash in the bank so net value is 2 Instragrams. Or an Instragram plus 5 Draw Somethings. Michael Robertson on Twitter What do you think?
Ari Wallach's Career Solution: Become A Real-Life Problem Solver | Fast Company
Ari Wallach, 37, heads a consulting firm that draws power from an eclectic mix of unconventional experts. Resolving conflict through discourse is the theme of a career spanning politics, commerce, and religion. As the founder of Synthesis, a strategic consulting firm based in D.C.