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On Social, Brands Use Rewards, Customer Service to Foster Loyalty
JUNE 27, 2012 While loyalty programs have been popular in the US for years-with the average American consumer belonging to 18 loyalty programs according to loyalty marketing publisher COLLOQUY-whether these members are active is another story.
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Google Needs To Stop Releasing Lame Google+ Numbers
I was reading today's NYT article on Google+'s new redesign and found myself continually puzzled by the key metric Google continues to report as the success of their new social product: Registered Users .
Judge: Dryden can block gas drilling in community
By Rachel Stern [email protected] Dryden -- A judge has ruled in favor of the Town of Dryden, stating that it has the right to keep hydraulic fracturing and natural gas drilling out of the municipality. Tompkins County Supreme Court Judge Phillip Rumsey ruled Tuesday afternoon that the town's zoning amendment is not preempted by state law.
Pinterest for Journalists: For Notes, Community and Staff
Want to publish a visually appealing directory of local churches, of your staff, of products made in your community? Want to do it very quickly? Pinterest makes that possible. Want ideas on how to use Pinterest to engage readers and create valuable content? Keep reading. Pinterest boards are web pages that display collections of images.
Buffy's write zone
The year was 1982. We danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album and watched “E.T.” on the silver screen. John Belushi died and Prince William was born. Gas cost 91 cents a gallon and a stamp two dimes. We begged our parents for Sony CD players and exercised to Jane Fonda video tapes.
C-PET | A Knowledge Network Asking Tomorrow's Questions
Welcome to our fall program, which is marked by three series: 1) further innovation roundtables in our G Street conference room; 2) a teleconference series on innovation; and 3) a teleconference series on the future of the internet. Please find below key dates for your schedule.
Vermont police find, belatedly, that inmates put pig on car decal
Vermont prison inmates working in the print shop somehow managed to slip a pig into the decal of the state police. A cow depicted in the state's seal has a spot shaped like a pig, often used as a derogatory term for police, that is now on 30 cruisers.
Man's piggyback penchant puzzles HS officials
Updated: February 16, 2012, 9:03 AM ET HELENA, Mont. -- The stocky man showed up in a basketball uniform for a game at Century High School in North Dakota. Players and coaches assumed he was a fan who had come with another team, so nobody objected when he began to pitch in around the bench.
» Highlights from #wjchat on “Dev collaboration in your newsroom” The Linchpen
I missed this week's #wjchat (congrats on two years running!), but went through afterwards and found some goodies. Enjoy!
The Secret To Pinterest's Success: We're Sick Of Each Other
Pinterest's recent success, which flies in the face of so much speculation about social media fatigue and information overload, holds an important lesson: It's not social media we're frustrated with. It's with one another.
The @billblevins News
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NYT: U.S. Judge Rules New York Redi
ALBANY - A federal judge, citing lawmakers' "current state of inaction" in redrawing New York's political map, recommended on Monday that the state's redistricting process be turned over to a court-appointed special master. Noting that Congressional primaries are scheduled for June, the judge, Dora L.
Nebraska's Sand Hills become sand trap for Keystone XL pipeline
The proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline was big news across the country this week, with the Obama administration announcing that it was delaying a decision on the controversial project. But nowhere was the news bigger than in Nebraska. The state has, in effect, turned into a massive prairie sand trap for the $7-billion project.
Richard Moss | Klout
Klout is the Standard for Influence. Join Klout to discover your influence and compare with others you may know.
Alanna Stage | Klout
Klout is the Standard for Influence. Join Klout to discover your influence and compare with others you may know.
BBC | BBC College of Journalism Blog - The new frontline is inside the newsroom
It is a truism bordering on cliché that the growth of social media has brought the news closer to the newsroom. For a while, user-generated content, filtered back at base, has been a crucial component in the coverage of big stories like wars and disasters, providing a first wave of material before conventional news operations kick in.
A shipment from Le Roy goes awry
A second school district in western New York has fallen down the rabbit hole created by the appearance of unusual neurological symptoms in Le Roy, Genesee County. That would be the Lewiston-Porter Central School District in Niagara County, which moved to block shipment of supposedly harmless soil from an old chemical spill in Le Roy.