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The Journal of Craptology Home Page

The main reason is to encourage people to be more silly, and to help encourage the funnier talks in Rump Sessions at Crypto, EuroCrypt etc. Indeed we aim to invite the funniest talks at Rump Sessions as invited papers to be published here, and vice versa to have invited talk sessions at Rump Sessions for the funniest papers published here.


SunShot: Lowering the Price of Electricity from the Sun: Scientific American

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Electrofuels: Tiny Organisms Making a Big Impact

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but what happens when what you want to look at is impossible to see? That’s where the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s Electrofuels program comes in.


NASA – Five Solar Eruptions in 2 Days – CME On the Way

The sun produced five eruptions over a two day period. The fourth eruption hurls white hot material (circular inset) high into the solar corona. Credit NASA/SOHO/H. Zell› View larger› Download animated gif of eruptions (Note: Animated GIF begins on Feb. 21. First eruption occurs on Feb 24 at 4:00am UT.)

Meeting the man behind the boson

24 February 2012 Last updated at 15:31 ET By Ken Macdonald BBC Scotland Science Correspondent The Higgs boson: made in Scotland. Well, not quite. But Scotland has a good claim to be the birthplace of the idea. First, here’s the problem: take an object – say Isaac Newton’s apocryphal apple.


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But the film’s real Navy SEALs are far from elite actors, which drags it down a bit. Romney said the auto industry will help lead the country out of the recession. As S&P 500 hits new bull market high, investors wonder how long the good times will keep rolling.





The Christian Science Monitor

Though the momentum seems to be with Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum does well in some polls. But beyond next week’s primaries, then “Super Tuesday” a week later, establishment Republicans worry about the outlook for taking on Barack Obama in November. Does America need a CEO in the Oval Office?






Dolphins ‘deserve human rights’

21 February 2012 Last updated at 10:54 ET Recognising the rights of dolphins would end whaling and their captivity Dolphins should be treated as non-human “persons”, with their rights to life and liberty respected, scientists meeting in Canada have been told. Experts in philosophy, conservation and animal behaviour want support for a Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans.


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Handful of otter.

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What Benefit? Antidepressants & The Placebo Effect // Pharmalot

By Ed Silverman // February 21st, 2012 // 12:16 pm We all know about the placebo effect. But a Harvard Medical School professor has applied the same theory to antidepressants and his findings are likely to rile drugmakers. Why?


Ants remember their enemy’s scent

20 February 2012 Last updated at 14:24 By Victoria Gill Science reporter, BBC Nature Weaver ant “major workers” aggressively defend their colony from intruders Ant colonies – one of nature’s most ancient and efficient societies – are able to form a “collective memory” of their enemies, say scientists.


NASA – NASA Spacecraft Reveals Recent Geological Activity on the Moon

NASA Spacecraft Reveals Recent Geological Activity on the Moon New images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft show the moon’s crust is being stretched, forming minute valleys in a few small areas on the lunar surface.

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Stem Cell Treatment Monitor: How do you say “frivolous legal threat” in German?

I received an ominous-sounding email last night from someone named Christina Stoeva at Elisees Clinic offering me the opportunity to remove unflattering information regarding the clinic from my blog. A colleague of hers, Sonia Lopes Belabbes, who identified herself as medical advisor, sent what appeared to be a similar message in German the previous day (as I don’t speak German, I requested clarification).

red sky

Up All Night

Mark Chapman debates the latest football news with Ian McGarry and Jason Roberts. 1. The Oxford English Dictionary. (Chosen by Anita Sethi, 27/04/09). 2. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. (By popular demand, 11/05/09). 3. Borstal Boy by Brendan Behan. (Coreena in Essex, 25/05/09). 4.


Shale Gas Regulation

The Energy Institute has been established at the University of Texas at Austin to provide the State of Texas and the Nation guidance for sustainable energy security through the pursuit of research and education programs – good policy based on good science.


FAU Scripps Howard Institute on the Environmentand Science – Home

Welcome to the Scripps Howard Institute on the Environment and Science at Florida Atlantic University. As the new name indicates, we have widened the scope of this South Florida-based continuing education program for professional journalists. Participants in the next session, scheduled for May 21-26, 2012 at FAU’s John D.


Billionaire Romney donor uses threats to silence critics

Frank VanderSloot is an Idaho billionaire and the CEO of Melaleuca, Inc., a controversial billion-dollar-a-year company which peddles dietary supplements and cleaning products; back in 2004, Forbes, echoing complaints to government agencies, described the company as “a pyramid selling organization, built along the lines of Herbalife and Amway.”