Does being on Press Pass cost me anything?

The Press Pass directory is accessible for free. We would like everybody to be able discover and connect with journalists. In the future we will be adding advanced features that we might charge for.

I’m a professional journalist, how can I join Press Pass?

Easy. Just make sure you match our complete criteria and send us a tweet @PressPassMe or by email to [email protected]. Once we’ve verified you, we will add you to our database and let you know.

I’ve spotted a mistake in someone’s profile, what can I do?

If you’ve noticed a mistake on your profile or someone else’s (change of organization, location, beat, or no longer working as a professional journalist), please send us a tweet @PressPassMe or an email at [email protected] and we make the appropriate changes.

How can I change the picture on my Press Pass profile?

Your picture is imported from Twitter and we regularly check for new pictures. So if you change your Twitter picture, the change shold appear on Press Pass within a couple of weeks.

Are you planning to add my Klout or PeerIndex scores?

At the moment, we have not added any Klout or PeerIndex scores to your profiles. We will be adding those to journalists’ profiles in the near future to give users a better gauge of their influence online.

Can I add my Google+, Quora, LinkedIn, Youtube, RSS feed, or any other social account?

Currently we’ve focused our efforts only on Twitter. However, we like the idea of connecting more social profiles so this can be a feature we implement soon.

What are spotlights?

Spotlights are people that a journalist interacts with frequently online. They can be a good way of knowing what that journalist is interested in in order to get the right angle on a pitch.

My organization, beat, or country is not listed on Press Pass yet, can I still join?

Absolutely! We welcome journalists from all over the world. Make sure you match our complete criteria list, and send us a tweet @PressPassMe.

Once we’ve verified that you are a professional journalist, we will add you, along with your beat and country, to our database and send you a follow up tweet. For adding your organization, see the answer below.

Is possible to add my entire organization?

Yes, of course. Recognized news, media, or broadcast organization can add all their journalists to the directory by sending us an email to [email protected] with a document listing the name, beat, twitter ID, and position of each journalist working for the organization.

Does PressPass have an API that I can access?

Not yet. We are planning to release an official API of our reporter directory in the near future so that developers can use our information in their applications.

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